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Originally Posted by falconfixer333
Well the POS Compaq is getting ready to shit itself. It's almost five years old and the keyboard is a motherfucker to type on...it doesn't respond to inputs and yes I cleaned all the cum out. The screen just goes blank for no apparant reason and it is lagging really shitty lately. Internet connection is shit with cable modem. BTW it is a laptop and I'm looking at getting a new one.

So, in my experience fuck Compaq and fuck IBM. I'm going to go with a Dell this time and was looking at the 1505 and 1705 series notebooks. Can anyone tell me what the difference between the Pentium Solo processor and the Dual processor is? It's not like I'm using this thing to navigate Cruise missles with I just need something to find porn and fast, sort pictures and do all that shit associated with them, download music for an Ipod, download a shit-ton of porn, and maybe let Angie on once in awhile to pay the bills. Any suggestions? Am I looking at too much of a computer for my basic needs?
first off, the "dual core" processors that intel is offering are great in the fact that you can take advantage of a feature called "multithreading". this is great if your running an application that is specifically written to use this, or if you're running multiple apps, but most of your basic home apps don't use it.

secondly, i'll cosign on the "fuck compaq" sentiment, but ibm/lenovo laptops are truly first-rate. they are way overbuilt, so when you whack the keyboard doing the five knuckle shuffle, you can rest assured that it can take it. but ibm notebooks will cost you on average $300 more than a comparable dell model. there are some smokin' deals on dells right now. check out http://www.techbargains.com for the best deals on these laptops.

btw, not to nitpick, but "virtual memory" is actually a portion of your hard drive that is used for RAM. when your computer is running, it may require more RAM than is physically installed. so if you have 512MB of ram and your computer needs 768MB, it will use 256MB of your hard drive for RAM. this action slows your computer down a bit since your hard drive access is much slower than your actual RAM. (this action is called "paging") moral of the story...buy as much RAM as possible when configuring your system.

on that note, whatever you end up buying, i'd use these minimum specs:

1.4GHz processor (AMD or Intel)
512MB of RAM (make sure its expandable to at least 1GB)
40GB hard drive
integrated 802.11g (wireless)

let me know if you have any additional questions.

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I know what's wrong....

Its the boat load of porn on that puter of yours. You know what happens when you get it unprotected....

spyware, malware, virus! eek!!!

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i wear a condom when I flog the bishop so no worries about spyware and viruses.

The Dell I was looking at has a 1.6 dual processor, 1 gig of ram, 60 gig HD and the 802 wireless shit. With a 17" monitor and DVD burnner I can get it to my door for a little over $1K.

Arson you know I would gladly give you a handy on any given day that you asked and finger your buttthole, but unless you promise not to cum in my eye AND can fix the keyboard and screen buggeries then I'm prolly gonna get a new one. This will be the TDY/depolyment computer then.

I aprreciate all the inputs...fucking computer geeks now go back to playing Everquest
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::goes back to beating off to everquest:::

computer, geeks

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