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So you have to choose what you like more and then add like this

Giving or taking?

then you say

Giving and add

a new this or that...make sense?

brunette or redhead?

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boxers or briefs

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From: Off 95 and Durango

Motorcycle: Suzuki TLS

Fast or Slow?
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beef or chicken
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what's the matter man... Everybody left you for the arcade so now you gotta make up your own games to get peeps back over here??
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Whats the matter man.....can't figure out this game???
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Game on......


Track or Street
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From: mayberry
Track... they say it's safer.

Coke or Pepsi
Old May 13th @ 09:46 pm   #9

Cat or Dog?
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From: Tatooine

Motorcycle: a jet
dog... the hell with cats

regular or premium


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