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Besides whining about your cel phone, and sticking raw, unlubed vegetables in your anus every time your wife leaves the house...what else is goin on??

You hating Vegas?? You miss your beloved goat back home??

What up homie???

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From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: CBR 1000rr/600f4i
Just workin like crazy. I am makin some mad money, but i'm workin my ass off for it. I actually go to bed at like 9 pm. Can you believe that shit 9 PM! I'm still lovin Vegas though, everyday is like waking up in paradise. I got so much moto shit I want to buy and now that I actually have plenty of cash for it, I dont have the time to go look at shit lol. I'm gonna try to make this weeks twt though. On another note, I thought we were gonna call your dick Padre, not "the raw, unlubed, vegetable"

buck, norris, ping

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