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This morning started out well... took the long way through the lake (talked my way through the booth) and had pie for breakfast.
Then this.... a few weeks ago the econ department secretary emailed me and asked why I had registered for a certain econ class, and if it was important for my graduation, because they were thinking about cancelling it.* I wrote her a nice detailed email and called her to let her know how important this class was for me..... so she said she'd get back to me and let me know if they did decide to cancel the class.* At this point, I look online and there are no other open classes that I need, so I just chill and wait to hear back from her.
Today I logged onto the system to show a co-worker how to pay his bill, and lo and behold! my class is gone.* I lucked out and somebody had just dropped out of a math class I wanted, so I took that one opening so that's okay.
But now I owe the university $1650 because they denied my scholarship payment because I was short a class.* Now I've been on hold for 17 minutes and counting with Financial Services.... and the bitch who screwed me is conveniently out of the office.
And I can't even give them a chance to work this out, because this is the last day to pay for classes and I know they don't work that fast.

"We are currently experiencing high call volume.* If you cannot wait, please call back between the hours of 8 and 10am, or 4pm to close"*

Now I know where Arse boy gets those obscene angry comments from time to time.* I'm just so pissed I can't think of anything.

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Damn...sorry to hear about your predicament. Is it possible to take a filler class to satisfy your scholarship requirements? Sucks that they pulled this shit at the absofuckinlutely last minute.

But, you had me at "pie for breakfast". I'm so jealous.
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That really sucks Les.... *I guess that means you won't be buying me dinner...
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Originally Posted by vegaseric
But, you had me at "pie for breakfast". I'm so jealous.*
Mmmmm.... It was blackberry....

I've gotten a couple of my issues worked out, which then led to more issues.* I'm up to my ears in paperwork but literally I'm in over my head.* I've talked to half the deparment chairs in the Business department, and at least they're all nice and supportive.* The professors are all outstanding, but the organization as a whole has a head-up-ass problem.

We'll see how this works out.* Thanks for listening, guys.*
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Dont take shit from no one. get in those fuckers faces and make them feel your pain for there incompetence!!
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Well, it's 3:30 and I just sent my last fax about this crap (11 pages).*
I've successfully accomplished absolutely nothing at work, except now the bill on my credit card is $1936 and they'll either screw me out of $300 of it, or I'll be working my ass off this semester.

This is not quite what I planned on when I told my boss I'd be taking it easy with school.....*

They allow themselves an automatic 2 weeks to review anything that comes in, and all the important academic deadlines are today and next week so I am stuck from here.* Hopefully what I faxed will make sure that stupid secretary gets the evil eye from someone in that office.* *

This is worse bureaucracy than I've ever seen in my federal career.* * You guys are the best
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You need us to go rough someone up?
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Ummmm you work for the government right???? And you didnít expect red tape????

Still sorry for your situation.
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Dang and I thought it was gonna be like Penthouse Forum readin' by the title of this post...
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I had pie today too....

froth, holy, shit

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