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Jeep has recently come out with an all 2 wheel drive bicycle... I have been wondering if there was a way to make a motorcycle 2 wheel drive for a long time now, I believe if there was ever one made it'd do to racing what auddi tt quatro did, Make it so you can't use it! I have a dream that one day

:I will punch the gas as hard as I can in a corner and it won't slide anywhere cause I'm pushing and pulling: I would die in giddy...

I have an idea to make a 2wd motorcycle but it would be kinda... a freak of nature! But it would work lol

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Honda made a prototype 2wd motocrosser in the early 90's I believe. It used hydraulics to drive the front wheel and it was pretty cool but quite a bit heavier than other bikes and they never put it into production.
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I believe it may be possible to do as jeep did and put a shaft drive thru the center of the frame (with a lotta overhaul considering the space to work in) which could lead to a gear to drive the front wheel. Only problem I would see is that the tourque would be a lot more than a bicycle and I wonder if there is anything strong enough, to where it would just tear itself apart
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Yamaha's got one...they made it in '04.


There was also a prototype made a while back based on the R1. I'll look for an article.
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That's fantastic


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