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Anyone up for a small flight to Kingman AZ for breakfast November 11th?

Estimated Cost:

3 People (1 Pilot and 2 Passengers [ rotating co-pilot seat there and back]) 100 bux each
2 People (1 Pilot and 1 Co-Pilot) 150 bux each.

Lemme know...

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Been waitin' for this since our last "rain delay".

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From: Tatooine

Motorcycle: a jet
Its tempting but I better not. When I get around planes I cant resist the temptation to go buy one. And Wheatie hates that

but just out of curiosity.. what plane are you going in?

I havent flown since I sold my 3 planes when we decided to move here... a '66 Piper Cherokee 140, a Pulsar-XP Experimental, and a Glasair still under construction. I wish I had kept the Piper.
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You are more than welcome to go
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From: Tatooine

Motorcycle: a jet
Originally Posted by Wheatie
You are more than welcome to go
remember what happened after the airshow last year?

Like I said... its tempting, but I better not.
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This one..
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It's a DiamondStar DA40 w/ G1000 Avionics.

180HP, all glass cockpit
It cruises at about 120nm (132mph)
Climbs out at over 900fp/m

Really cool plane, actually
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You at home today, Mr Pheer? You want to go do some T&G's?
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From: Tatooine

Motorcycle: a jet
Those are nice planes... and expensive. Is it yours?

And thanks for the invitation, but my kid is out of school today and we have some plans to do some family-type stuff.
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From: In that old blue chair...

Motorcycle: FXB12RR
I won't tell you I've got my A&P but I let my IA lapse...needless to say I've got a bunch of hours in singles and twins...m-m-m-m-m twins...

breakfast, flight, kingman, small

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