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My fiance's uncle is missing in beloxi, mississippi. He stayed back to take care of his farm animals. Last we spoke to him was the day before the hurricane struck, he said the siding of the house was ripped away. We've been trying to get a hold of him on his cell for 2 days now. All i know is he is in a bad location, 5 min from the beach.

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ill put him in my prayers till hes found
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Don't forget there is no cell or phone service in many of those areas. He could be fine, but with no way to reach anyone! Just pray for the best
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All the best Mikey. Hope you hear from him soon.

My parents just surfaced at trheir home in SC after 2 weeks in Biloxi for a family reunion.

Think the best bro.
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Sorry to hear about your uncle Mikey. I'm still trying to reach my sister as well. She lived about 10 miles off the water in Biloxi. I heard from her about two days before it hit and she said she was going to evacuate with the hubby, two kids, and the dog but haven't heard anything since. Just hoping they got far enough away in enough time. Pretty sure their house is gone just from what the news was showing around that area. The news said there could be no lines available for up to 6 weeks. Keep your hopes up Mikey, they're finding survivors left and right.
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My prayers are with all your families. Definitely don't give up cause a lot of cell phone towers and phone lines will be down for awhile.
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my thoughts are with you as well, hope all works out fine.
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Hope all is well and keep your faith
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Hey there Mike,

Everything will pull through bro. Keep the faith...the rest of us are backin' ya man and wishing for the best. I'll be throwin' out a few prayers for ya
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Update: we got a call from his stepdaughter, the are ok, farm and animals are gone, vehicles were washed away, part of the house is still standing. All that can be replaced, atleast they are still alive!! thank the

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