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Gleno's Avatar

Cause my weiner smells like your butt.


Old January 9th @ 11:22 am   #2
Mr Pheer's Avatar
From: Tatooine

Motorcycle: a jet
Because you know how other people are gay

Old January 9th @ 11:24 am   #3
GoFast's Avatar
From: North
because when i stuck it up your ass you liked it

Old January 9th @ 01:19 pm   #4
you have all of Cher's CD's on your IPOD.

Old January 9th @ 04:07 pm   #5
Gleno's Avatar

Cause you missed a group ride in PERFECT weather on Sunday (Oh Snap)

Old January 9th @ 04:08 pm   #6
you know the expression "stemming the rose" and know it doesn't mean flowers!

Old January 9th @ 04:16 pm   #7
ars0n750's Avatar
From: Las Vegas, NV

Motorcycle: GSXR-750
Cus all your spokes are busted. (spokes = the lines around ur asshole. the more it gets fucked the more it streches out hense...busting ur spokes.

booo yaaa..
Old January 9th @ 05:31 pm   #8
SHWELL's Avatar
From: Deltona, Fl
You told me I had wonderful eyes...
Old January 9th @ 06:07 pm   #9
R3K's Avatar
From: Hendo

Motorcycle: GSX-R 1000 & RC51
When asked whether you prefer your "salad tossed" with syrup or jelly...you actually have a preference. Nasty bastard!!!

Old January 9th @ 07:52 pm   #10
Mustang's Avatar
From: my moma's cooter

Motorcycle: your mom
When you where doing your boy toy in the cinnamon ring you asked if it was pre enima so you wouldnt end up with a chilli dog



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