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From: (Home) Las Vegas; (Stationed) Alaska; (currently) East Paktika, Afghanistan

Motorcycle: (2) 1984 Matty-Legs (they're SUPER fast!)
...so when I got my new KBC helmet I was SO stoked! I didn't want to lay it on the ground, so I put it on my bike while it was starting. Guess what...IT RATTLED OFF- landing straight on the sheild. The drop ended up breaking the plastic piece that holds the shield.

So, today...(several months after I've had it) I finally had some time to call up KBC and try and get the replacement part. Here's how the conversation went with John in warranty:

John: KBC warranty, how may I help you?

ME: Yeah, John. My name is Matthew, and I live in Las Vegas. I just recently replaced my old Airforce helmet with the new Airforce 2 helmet. And, well...I kind of dropped it on the face shield. When it landed it broke the plastic piece that holds it to the helmet. Now, I know I can use the old ones because they look like they'll fit. However, the new ones look WAY different then the new ones. Is there anyway I can get one warrantied or something.

John: Well, Matt, as a loyal customer of KBC I'd be honored to help you out.

ME: Really?! (Really, not thinking they'd warranty it since it was my fault it broke)

John: Yes, sir. What I'd like to do is send you out a new SET, and windscreen.Of the windscreens you may choose from clear, smoke, dark, or silver.

Me: Really?!?! Which one do you think will look good?

John: I think the silver one will look really good with that helmet.

Me: Okay, then that one. Thanks SO much, John.

John: What size t-shirt do you wear?

Me: Medium...why?

John: If it's okay with you I'd also like to send you out KBC t-shirt.

Me: Absolutley. Thanks SO much again, John.

John: (this is where he took my shipping information, and said...) Okay, Matt. It's all set. I'll have it there for you tomorrow.

WOW!!!!! I can't believe the AWESOME customer service with them! It was so refreshing to have a company that respected their customers, and was willing to go well-over "the call of duty" for them too.


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From: Vegas

Motorcycle: '06 Suzuki SV1000S
Not bad, next helmet might have to be a KBC.
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From: Las Vegas/Summerlin

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KBC makes some good helmets. And it's always great to hear of a positive customer service experience.
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From: Sin City

Motorcycle: 05' Gixxer600
Wow i guess there is a first to everything. Good stuff Matt. Thx for sharing
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From: Long Beach, CA

Motorcycle: 07 BMW K1200GT
Definitely rare. Thanks for posting this as we usually only hear about the bad service. It's good to hear something good for a change.
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From: Syn City

Motorcycle: "R1"
Good post. I know I often just say F' it when something like dropping a helmet happens. I forget that you you can try stuff like this, with success. Thanks for the post!!!
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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

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I emailed KBC a few years back asking about where to get a new liner for my trackday lid, and they shipped me a liner and cheek pads for free. Just for asking. KBC rocks.

I have to say the same for Teknic when I emailed asking them where I could find the same type of zipper they use for their 2-piece suits. I wanted to get one so I could make an extension between my jacket/pants, and they shipped me a zipper for free.
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From: Las Vegas
When I ordered my leathers from NewEnough, they were drop-shipped from the manufacturer. They sent the wrong set (1-piece, ordered a 2-piece). When I called NewEnough the next day, they overnighted me a new set of leathers and gloves (the gloves I ordered were simply too big) and told me to send back the other set when I recieved the return packing slip they also sent me.
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From: Arlington, WA

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So there are some businesses that ARE actually CUSTOMER FRIENDLY..

Need to hear about more places like this..

I hate one of our local shops.. The only reason I went there was because my daughter gave me a gift card for fathers day.. Customer service there is really bad.

customer, great, serviceseriously

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