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WASHINGTON (AP) - Rob Lowe, who portrays a member of Congress on television, appeared before lawmakers Thursday and promoted tax credits for people who add a plug-in feature to hybrid cars and trucks.

Lowe plays a junior senator from California on ABC's "Brothers & Sisters." He testified before a special House panel looking at energy and global warming issues. Later, he appeared at a demonstration about three blocks from the Capitol featuring a Toyota Prius that had been converted to a plug-in hybrid.

Lowe said his interest in clean energy was not new. Recent events, he said, led him to become more active on the issue.

"The first money I ever made and was able to invest, I invested in an alternative energy company going back 25 years," he said. "Like a lot of Americans, I've been watching as the climate changes and as we are in a war on terror where our oil addiction helps fund people that want to kill us. It's gotten my attention."

He promoted plug-in hybrids, which have both electric and gasoline motors, plus a battery pack that can be recharged at home.

"I have been driving this car around and I have to tell you, it did what my mother couldn't do. It did what my driving instructor couldn't do - it's made me a better driver," Lowe said.

For those who don't know that's the whole thingy behind hybrids. Self contained.

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Howie B
Hmm, does it take alot of energy from the house to charge a car? What would my power bill be? Something to ponder I guess.
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Nope they're self contained. I've got the Lexus RX400h and the GS450h and they have generators on all 4 wheels that recharge the main battery when you coast or apply the brakes. That's the whole reason behind them being that way. You don't have to pull over every 100 miles and recharge them. Just another Hollyweird dumbarse spouting misinformation.

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