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From: Phoenix AZ

Motorcycle: 02 Yamaha SportCruiser 1700
So the day before Thanksgiving I get a cease and desist letter from RideNow's lawyers. They told me that the site needed to come down by 11/23/07 5:00pm or else.

Well, after only a month and almost 100k in page views I guess I cannot blame them. I thank the few that have taken the time to post their horror stories, but I can use a bit more support.

Common people, Nevada and Florida are the second largest areas for RideNow locations, there has to be more of you with stories to share. Please help warn your fellow bikers about these people and their business practice. I understand it's a bit of an effort to register and make a post, but if it will help someone from being ripped off, isn't that worth it?

Well, the site is still up, I have NO intention of removing the it so I guess I will see if my 1st amendment rights are still valid or if a major corporation can get that taken away from me. I am seriously looking forward to my day in court.

Thanks for listening.... and a very special thanks to the one person from here that actually took the time and cared enough about his fellow bikers to help spread the word.....

I will not post more about this or the site, but I ask as nice as I can to "Please help support the cause".


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From: Las Vegas/Summerlin

Motorcycle: 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa LE/2007 Suzuki GSXR600/2000 Honda CBR600F4
Thanks for fighting the good fight Broc! I guess I really should be happy that I don't have a Ride Now horror story, but I've nenver had any significant dealings with them. I great to hear of someone standing firm in their beliefs so keep up the good work!
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From: Syn City

Motorcycle: "R1"
I came, I saw, I posted.
Good luck with keeping the site up.
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Broc Lee's Avatar
From: Phoenix AZ

Motorcycle: 02 Yamaha SportCruiser 1700
Thanks. :) Although I am no lawyer, I have done some extensive research on the two charges they are bringing against me. Worst case is that they can take my domain from me... Without going into too much detail in case they are watching me.... lol.... I am still covered under the 1st amendment.

If they take my domain, I have 4 others that will take it's place. Hell, I don't even need a "ridenow" domain, I had a very good success rate with a blog I had under another totally unrelated domain. I do internet marketing so where it can help to have a related domain, it's not 100% necessary.

And even though I have been called childish with this site, hey, I don't have deep pockets to take someone to court so this is a great way for the little guy to fight back. ;)

I knew this day was coming, just didn't expect it so quick... must be better than I thought LOL.

SynCitizen, I didn't want to post your name without your permission so thank you for this post and thank you for your support of the site. I owe you one. :)


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SynCitizen's Avatar
From: Syn City

Motorcycle: "R1"
Who would call the site childish??? I wish I had had a better headsup when I dealt with RideNot. It would of saved me a month of downtime, potentially hundreds of dollars, a huge amount of frustration. Information about a corporation that uses there monopoly to force substandard service on us is a good thing. At least if someone chooses to do or not to do business with them they do it with open eyes.
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jwd's Avatar
From: Vegas Knights MC

Motorcycle: 2004 GSX-R 600
actually i think the acquisition(sp?) of sportswest here in las vegas turned them into a monopoly. you may want to mention that to them ad the chamber of commerce here etc.. we CANT get yamaha anywhere but ridenow down here now. making them a local monopoly for yamaha..allowing them to set thier own non-competetive pricing. Suzuki, Kawi and Honda are at Carter, and Suzuki is at Nevada suzuki.. but yamaha... thats a monopoly there.
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R3K's Avatar
From: Hendo

Motorcycle: GSX-R 1000 & RC51
Broc, What's the site? Before you are forced to shut it down, assuming that is the direction their lawyers are going, I would like to read what all was said so that I can also make an informed decision as to where I do business. If you don't want answer me directly in this thread, shoot me a PM so I can get edumacated!
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From: Vegas Knights MC

Motorcycle: 2004 GSX-R 600
his site is http://www.ridenowpowersports.info
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From: Spring Valley

Motorcycle: zx 636
I haven't dealt with these "a" holes and I won't thanks to the info provided. Might I suggest contacting Action 13 about the past service as well as the recent threats from their lawyers, you might get some good press.
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From: Henderson

Motorcycle: 06 SV650s
Never back down. If sites like ...oh shit wait...Im wrong. I was gonna say if Bestbuysux.org is fine than so is yours...but it seems to have been removed or moved?
It's bad enough I just got a letter from the lawyers stating even though my experiences with Best Buy were obvious discrimination based on sex, I would not be considered in the class action lawsuit as geek squad agents and installers are somehow "excluded."

Best wishes though seriously. It burns to see how big business just walks how they please. ;(

lol, ridenow, site

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