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Here is the link.. Accel pump..

Dynojet’s developed an “Accelerator Pump” function for the Power Commander, and it’s FREE!

That fuel-delivery function is now part of the EFI world and the Power Commander. An accelerator pump utility is available as an upgrade for all PCIII USB models, it’s easily downloaded directly from the Dynojet website, it’s easily installed, and it’s FREE!
Here’s what’s involved. Simply download the “Accelerator Pump” utility file from, connect your Power Commander III USB to your computer and then load and run the utility. And, just like with those old accelerator pumps of days gone by, the ones in carburetors, the Dynojet accelerator pump function for today’s EFI systems is totally adjustable. You can vary the amount of extra fuel added, set the throttle action that’ll trigger the “pump” function, and you can set for how long that extra shot of fuel is added. Unlike adjusting a carburetor’s accelerator pump, though, there are no screws to turn, no tangs to bend, no pins or links to move around. Adjusting the accelerator pump function on a Power Commander all happens with a keyboard and a mouse, and it’s simple.

Once you’ve downloaded and launched the new utility, select “Enable Accell Pump Feature.” (Make sure you have your Power Commander connected.) Launch the Power Commander software, and on your laptop’s screen you’ll find the “Accelerator Pump” function under the “Power Commander Tools” drop-down menu. Configuring, or tuning, the accelerator pump happens right here. There’s a “Sensitivity” setting, an “Engine Revolutions” setting, and a “Percentage Of Fuel” setting, and the values you enter for each determines how the accelerator pump reacts, how quickly it reacts, how much extra fuel is added, and for how long. With a little experimentation and some road testing you can dial in exactly the response you’re looking for.

The “Sensitivity” scale adjusts the speed at which the throttle must be opened to activate the accelerator pump. The more sensitive you make this setting the slower the throttle movement required to activate the “pump.” The “Engine Revolutions” setting determines how long the extra fuel will be added, anywhere from just 1 RPM to 40. The “Percentage Of Fuel” sets the amount added. That’s it.

Now, what are the ideal settings? That’s going to vary. Different riders on different bikes might want different settings. Some racers, for example, have found that a 75 percent Sensitivity, 20 percent Fuel Increase, and 15 Engine Revolutions worked just fine for them. Some street riders, on the other hand, have had great results with a 90 percent Sensitivity setting, 15 percent Fuel Increase, and 20 Engine Revolutions. The best setting for any bike depends on the bike and riding style of the guy on it. It wouldn’t be at all unusual, either, for different riders on the same bike to choose different settings. It wouldn’t be hard to change those settings, either.

Pretty neat, wouldn’t you say? Dynojet’s Accelerator Pump function is applicable for all PCIII USB models. Sorry, Power Commander II and III hardware don’t support the function. But if you already have a PCIII USB get online now and get the Accelerator Pump. It’s ready right now, and it’s FREE!

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Thats pretty freakin sweet.
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got it!

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