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RisingPhoenix's Avatar
From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: CBR 1000rr/600f4i
I decided to perform some maintenance and install a few upgrades. Here are a few pics and hopefully more to come.

Stuff to be installed/fixed:

New Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires
K&N Air Filter
Water Wetter
New Mirrors
New Bar Ends
New Clutch Lever
New Frame Sliders
Custom Power Commander Map
Oil Change
New Plastics

I blew my tire going to Valley Of Fire a few weeks ago and scratched the plastics getting the bike into the truck. I then got home and dropped the bike in the driveway. The fall scratched the plastics, bar ends, mirrors, and bent my clutch lever. All should be replaced and back to normal in a few weeks. In the mean time, I should have my new tires on Tuesday so I should be back in the game Wednesday and hopefully ready for Red Rock Thursday.
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From: Las Vegas, NV

Motorcycle: GSXR-750
make sure to do a custom map with that k&n filter and without. Sometimes they decrease your HP.
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From: north carolina

Motorcycle: 2006 cbr 600rr
what are you talking about, a decrease in hp?!?!??!?! foooo, you crazy!
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From: A Space between a blink and a tear

Motorcycle: 06' CBR1000RR
Yea I've heard the K&N's DO decrease power, however, I've yet to see it on paper, it's most likely the "Butt Dyno" that people are using to produce those results!

Buck sweet work on all the stuff to the bike, and to think all this came from a flat and a few scratches, just image when a bug splatters all over it, I'm thinking new exhaust? LOL!
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From: Las Vegas[Summerlin]
Anything that might affect the volume of air in or out of the engine (intake/exhaust) should be analyzed on a Dyno to see the effects (unless your engine has an O2 sensor and the ECU maps the A/F ratio on the fly).

Mainly, air/fuel ratio throughout the RPM range.

More air alone does not equate to more power.
Depending on the stock mapping, more air might equate to loss of some power, or increase in power.

A Dyno tune specific to your bike, its location, and its modifications is the best way to make sure you are getting more of what you are looking for out of your setup (More power, better fuel economy, combination of both, etc..)

Or, install one of the learning or continuously adjustable fuel processors.
Ex: Bazzazz or Motty.
(you will need to install an O2 sensor on your headers as well)
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From: southwest

Motorcycle: 05 Hayabusa
good stuff Buck! Let me know if you need any help...
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RisingPhoenix's Avatar
From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: CBR 1000rr/600f4i
Powercommander does not make a map for my configuration. I have a Carbon Fiber Wolf exhaust and last I checked they do not have that map on their site. I would rather have a custom map anyway, so thats what I'll do. Since PowerCommander does not have any Wolf exhaust systems mapped, maybe I can get them to do mine for free :) I've been using the Erion slip on map for the last few years on advice from powercommander, but they could only guess as to what map I should use. I had my bike dyno'd a few years ago when I first bought it and it was stock so I would really love to see the difference after the mods. I've also heard that a bike gets more powerfull after a few thousand miles.
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From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: CBR 1000rr/600f4i
I just finished installing the Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires. The bike is finally back in running order. I took it around the block a few time to make sure, and everything felt great!

Terrasmak will be dropping off some Amsoil tonight so I can do my oil change tomorrow. I just wanted to give a big shout out to Terrasmak for being able to get me some Amsoil so quickly and for a MUCH cheaper price. All in all, I should have a full oil change for under $50, and thats even using a K&N oil filter. I used to use Repsol and the full oil change cost me at least $75. Good Times!
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From: Sin City

Motorcycle: DRZ400SM
Looks like its comming together well.

f4i, time, upgrade

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