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Not that I am to that point yet, but if a stock bike was just purchased dedicated for track days, what would be the first aftermarket things to buy for it? We are talking stability (steering damper, etc.), speed (exhaust, PC, etc.), weightloss (race plastics, etc.), convenience (tire warmers, etc.), etc. Lets hear it all you track day junkies. What the deal?

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First thing I would buy is Track only tires then braided front brake lines and a sterring damper. I would take off what ever didnt need to be there ( mirrors, turn signles) Next is set up the suspenion by adjusting the setting. All this before going to the track. Once I had money to play with I would set up the forks to my weight by changing the springs and replacing the shock. Now that the suspenion is done I would go for more power or race plastics
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if you're new to the track id say do the basis like Josh said but in a little different order ...

1. race bodywork. stock costs too damn much to replace if/when you go down and you will. put them up in the garage somewhere safe.

2. tires ... self explanitory

3. adjust suspension for your weight.

4. steel braided lines ... night and day as far as stopping goes. you can get by with the stock pads for a but, but stock lines suck.

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Race bodywork (see Ali's post) and tires. Suspension adjustment would be a great thing to have done by one of the track suspension vendors. After you get a feel for your bike in stock form, then you can make upgrades/changes based on your riding style. Most stock sportbikes will take you a long way when it comes to trackday performance.
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Plastics, then suspension (Includes Damper), PC, Then the plush items (Tire Warmers (Not really needed))
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If your just starting these are "MY SUGGESTIONS"

1. plastics
2. ride the bike in stock form (suspension) but set the preload first.* Then ride the bike and adjust the comp, rebound as needed

3.* use the unused monies for trackdays so you can really learn how to ride it.* After leaning how to go fast buy suspension products then you will know the real difference between the two.

4. do you're power last

there are alot of people out at the track saying i got this that and slicks on my bike and this guy keeps busting my ass and he is on a less capable bike

AGAIN these are my suggestions
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I think he has figured out the trackday thing since his ? is geared towards a Trackbike.. He has done trackdays, he is in the process of getting a track decdicated bike..

Welcome to the board...
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Great feedback fellas.
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1. Buy a moped

2. turbo that beeotch

3. Throw on some slicks

4. Buy a thick pair of leather chaps!

Now you're ready to race
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Hmm...interesting Pat. I might have to go with you on this one.

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