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DIY Nicky Mod
Step 1
Remove the 10mm gear shift linkage nut, remove it all the way and then pull it off the spindle and out of the way.

Step 2
Remove the 3 8mm bolts holding the clutch slave on. Gently wiggle the slave around until it comes off. (DONT TOUCH THE CLUTCH LEVER FROM THIS POINT ON OR YOU'LL BE SORRY).

Step 3
Pull the clutch rod out, be careful to put it somewhere safe.

Step 4
I used a piece of wire to hold the slave up and out of the way.

Step 5
Remove the 2 8mm bolts holding the sprocket cover on.

Step 6
Pull on the cover until it partially comes off of the dowel pins. Now you must get the metal spacer thats stuck to the back of the cover separated in order to get the cover all the way out.

Step 7
I took off the sprocket and cleaned that entire area thoroughly with simple green. (If you do clean this area make sure you plug the hole where the clutch rod goes into).

Step 8
I cleaned the sprocket cover with kerosene, then soaked it in paint stripper over night and finally bead blasted it.
Step 8.5
This is the dremel wheel I used for the main cuts.

Step 9
Cut down the length of the cover top and bottom. Then flip it over and make a few smaller cuts to get the main chunk out.

Step 10
I used this Dremel bit to do the rest of the metal removal and shaping.

Step 11
I used a file to get the edges straight and even.

Step 12
I used some 220grit and 400grit to finish it. (This is the finished cover before I had it powder coated black).

Step 13
I cleaned the metal spacer on a wire wheel to get the old gasket and oxidation off. Then I primered it and sprayed it with black Rustoleum.

Step 14
Mare sure the 2 dowel pins are in place and put your newly refurbished spacer on.

Step 15
I bought new gaskets so this one goes on now.

Step 16
Now put your modded cover on and tighten the 2 8mm bolts you removed in step 5.

Step 17
Make sure the dowel pins are in place. Put your new gasket on and slide the clutch rod back in carefully. (Make sure the exposed end of the clutch rod is coated with silicone grease or equivalent).

Step 18
Slide the clutch slave into place and tighten the 3 8mm bolts you removed in step 2. (You may have to push a bit as the piston may have pushed out a little from sitting).



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