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From: Henderson

Motorcycle: '01 CBR 929
I'm currently at 21k miles so it's probably overdue for me to change my chain and sprockets - but are there other things to look out for that would indicate a change is needed? I wanna ask as many people as i can before doin it cuz of the mileage alone.

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From: Las Vegas[Summerlin]
Wear is a better indicator than mileage to determine if the chain/sprockets need to be replaced.

Does the chain have kinks in it ?
Do you have no more adjustment range in the axle ?
Do you have any missing o-rings ?
If you go at a steady speed, does it feel like the bike jerk back and forth ?
Does the chain have any links that don't bend easily or are seized up?

Do the teeth look symmetrical ?
Or does the leading edge of the teeth look different than the trailing edge ?
Are there any missing teeth ?

All of the above are indicators that help determine if the chain/sprockets need to be replaced.
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From: Las Vegas, NV

Motorcycle: GSXR-750
Ive got 45,000 miles on my stock sprockets. Inspect yours, if it looks like the above picture (good) then you are fine!

Chain, same thing, got 30k out of my first chain. Constant maint/lube cleaning and checking things like what got2go posted!
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From: 92H8

Motorcycle: a turbocharged vacuum... i upgraded my broom...
i have 25k on mine, but i posted that in your 702sb thread. lol

chain, replace, sprockets

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