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From: Vegas

Motorcycle: 2007 GSXR-750
Before I embark on drilling oil drain plugs, fill plugs, and radiator caps to accept safety wire, does anyone know where I might be able to buy them already pre-drilled? Being an aircraft mechanic I know where I can buy standard bolts, but not metric. Any help would be appreciated.

The reason why I'm doing it is because the track day by Racers Edge on Feb 10th requires them to be able to pass tech.

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From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: CBR 1000rr/600f4i
Several sportbike sites carry pre drilled plugs and bolts. I attempted to drill my oil drain plug with my Dremel with lackluster results, so I just purchased pre drilled plugs and bolts. For the oil filter, you can buy pre drilled filters (K&N has one) or you can just use an oil filter clamp and safety wire it instead of having to rewire every time you change oil.

Good site for safety wire info--->

With you being an aircraft mechanic, i'm sure you can teach us a few things about safety wiring.

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From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: CBR1000rr
You can get bolts from I bought my caliper bolts from them but did the rest myself. Just buy a few packs of bits and have at it.
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From: Hendo

Motorcycle: GSX-R 1000 & RC51
+1 on Pro Bolt. You can get them in colors to match your bike as well as titanium. I drilled my oil drain plug bolt myself with a hand drill, but the best way to do it yourself is with a drill press. But like KY said, make sure you have a stack of bits if you do it yourself because you'll definitely need 'em! I actually plan to order pre-drilled caliper and axle bolts from Pro Bolt soon myself.
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From: Vegas

Motorcycle: 2007 GSXR-750
Cool. Thanks guys. Them bolts are a bit pricey from pro bolt, so I may just buy a jig and do it myself on my drill press.

Tech Tip: The trick to not going through so many drill bits is to use cutting oil, especially on steel. You get about 3 to 4 times more life than going in dry. Gotta lube it! And if anyone wants some help in learning how to safety wire, just send me a PM and we will set up some time for it. Tech day?
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From: Las Vegas - Summerlin

Motorcycle: 08 MV Agusta Brutale 910S
yeah drilling for safety wire is a BITCH! buy A LOT of bits, your gonna need em. and like JetMech said, use some lube on it.

I can help if needed. i have done more than a few bikes and it sucks, but Im happy to help. I can even bring my own drill.

I have found that most of the time, drilling the bolt ON the bike is the best way. Sometimes that's not an option though and they are a bitch to hold while drilling. A quality high-speed drill and NON-PILOT drill bits (standard tapered bits without the pilot starter tip) work best. Your gonna have a whole day into it. And get yourself a good set of safety wire pliers.

- Justin
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From: Vegas

Motorcycle: 2007 GSXR-750
Update. Bought a predrilled oil plug & oil cap from probolt. I also bought some predrilled titanium bolts that go adjacent to the filler and plug to be able to safety wire to. I also drilled my radiator cap on my drill press. I will snap some pics of the finished products and post them up.
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From: Vegas

Motorcycle: 2004 CBR600RR (track only now) '79 Yamaha XS650 (The Savage Beast!)
It's pretty simple, just make sure you center punch so the bit doesn't wander, that's how you snap those little fuckers so easily. An automatic center punch from Harbor Freight is maybe $5. I did all the necessary safety wiring on Sunday, took about 90min including removing/installing the fairings. Hardest part was drilling the oil drain bolt (did it on the bike, did the fill and radiator off) with a shitty drill and dull bit also from HF. You don't have to wire bolts to bolts, just wire to a bracket or even drill another hole in a fin if need be. Total cost for everything (wire, center punch, drill, bits, pliers) was around $50. Here's my examples:

Oil fill plug:

Radiator cap (you can't see the cap but I made sure that I wired through a hole so that it can't loosen):

Oil drain plug:
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From: Vegas

Motorcycle: 2007 GSXR-750
Nice. As an aircraft mechanic, wiring to another bolt is what I'm used to. It keeps the wire run short, but I guess this thing ain't flying wiring to an adjacent structure should be good enough. Thanks for the tip.
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From: Hendo

Motorcycle: GSX-R 1000 & RC51
Originally Posted by JetMech View Post
Nice. As an aircraft mechanic, wiring to another bolt is what I'm used to. It keeps the wire run short, but I guess this thing ain't flying wiring to an adjacent structure should be good enough. Thanks for the tip.
JetMech, are you on Nellis? If so, which AMU are you in? (forgive me if I have already asked you that) As a Weapons troop safety wiring is also second nature to me. I used to find it funny that people can't safety wire a bolt, until I realized that very few people ever have a need to safety wire anything so they may not even know of that practice.

I did my drain plug bolt, radiator cap, and filler cap in about an hour, and that includes removing/installing the bodywork. I just put them in a vice and went at it with a hand drill. Beside making sure you use a little oil, I have found that using a low speed with the drill prolongs the life of the bit. The faster the bit spins, the more heat it generates when going metal on metal, and that causes the bit to become dull sooner.

bolts, drilling or buying, safety, wiring

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