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Originally Posted by vegaseric View Post
You could do this, but if your bike is really grimy you may want to use some old -fashioned soap and water first. Then go over it with the douche solution to remove any hard water spots. Then wax.
Wait what?... I was just skimming this thread cause I was bored... did you say give your bike a douche? Ummm.... .... dirty tail pipe?

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LOL yeah I'll prolly just stick to soup and water. I got my bike to get poon, not to have a bike that just smells like poon.
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From: kansas
I use walmart micro fiber towels, and.... wait for it.........

Pledge Multi surface cleaner if it's REALLY dirty, and bugs and what not, then
Lemon Pledge for final clean / polish.

Works great, smells like a coffee table.
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motul motowash

bikewhat, cleaning

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