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From: Pax River, Maryland

Motorcycle: F-35
Originally Posted by LVR6owner
Totally, agree. Different for all tires. On Pilot Powers riding on the street, I go with around 34f/34r. At the track this past Saturday, I was running Pilot Race at was using the suggested 32f/22r and it was working out great. (Yes, that is 22 rear.)
Damn Greg, 22 in the rear? I didn't take a good look at your tire but did you shred it?

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From: The Devil's Playground

Motorcycle: Shift Red 2005 Yamaha YZF-R1
Yup, that's what they told me to run a "race" rear at before...22 psi and that info was from Racers Edge at the track.

I've never even heard of brand? Is it just a stock tire that came new on the bike or what? Never even heard of it.

Anyway, I've been running Pilot Powers and have been running 33f/33r on the street just to add a little life in them, but with the way these roads suck...I woudln't add much more. Track I was running 32f/32r on the Powers just fine.
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It has some pretty good wear to it, not enough to trash the tire though. But that is what they recommended and it stuck like glue.
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From: my moma's cooter

Motorcycle: your mom
50 front 50 rear
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From: my moma's cooter

Motorcycle: your mom
Ok just kidding.
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From: Deltona, Fl
Shinko tires are mostly used by Dragracers.. I first heard of them when frequenting Busa Forums and that is what they would use.. I haven't heard of too many peeps using them for daily riding.. But they are inexpensive esp if you are shredding them at the track.. I haven't heard anything bad about them from the peeps that use them..
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From: Buffalo & washington

Motorcycle: 2008 YAMAHA R6S
Ok does anyone have a suggestion what to run on my new bike . I have a 2008 yamaha r6 s with stock tires im 230 pounds any suggestion I think there both at 37 . Bought from ride now and thats what they said run
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Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
I'd go with the specs in the manual for the street.
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From: Hendo

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Power race and run 32F/22R for track days.

I'm curious to know what you think of the Shinko's and have you put them on the track yet? I have a buddy that picked up a set of Shinko slicks (I think they're more of a motard tire than a road racing tire?) for $100 so naturally I figured they weren't all that, but I still haven't heard anything about them, good or bad, and NEVER seen anyone at the track with them.
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Originally Posted by 2upFZ1 View Post
I'd go with the specs in the manual for the street.
I was doing that for a while till I found out the manual figures for 2 riders...I think my CBR they recommend like low to mid 40's

pressures, tire

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