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Highly recommend that you use the same fluid, so I would say to drain and start a-new.

Old August 16th @ 05:55 am   #12
Swayala05's Avatar
Even though I just did it on Sunday morning? Can I just pop the top and fill it a little?
Old August 16th @ 07:31 am   #13
sorry, I mis-understood your Q.

Since you already have water wetter in it... (assuming that's all you have) you should be good to go to add more.
Old August 16th @ 12:47 pm   #14
Swayala05's Avatar
Ya I used about 3 gal of distilled water to flush the system out and put in a 1oz per quart ratio. But I think I need more because of the desert heat.
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From: Las Vegas, NV

Motorcycle: GSXR-750
this is 1 oz per quart of water correct.
Old August 28th @ 12:55 pm   #16
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Originally Posted by dannyrider
Seems a little bit complicated, well ill read it again and I have to figure out before 9/4, track day
thanks guys for your inputs.
this wouldn't be the MMP trackday would it? i'll be there w/ a few buddies. i'll be ridin' the anniversary 750 (blue & white)
Old August 30th @ 05:17 pm   #17
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From: East side of town, Lakemead/nellis

Motorcycle: GSXR 600, k3
finally I replaced the colant to water wetter with of Gixerguy help, thanks mang.

Gix4kix, alright im riding a blue/white 600 gsxr, blue suit and red helment just like my avatar. Ill be with gixerguy bluebike, gixergirl pinkbike and my brother blue and yellow. All Gixers

stop and say hi if you see us before we see you.
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From: Las Vegas, NV

Motorcycle: GSXR-750
i just did this too..didnt take longer then 30 min..
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From: Deltona, Fl
I am moving this to the how to section at this point... Great write up Egami...

change, coolant, water, wetter

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