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dannyrider August 10th 03:24 pm

How to change coolant to water wetter
Im draining the coolant on my bike to fill it up with water wetter.
I assume i have to drain more than the coolant container, now how do i drain the radiator.
does anyone knows how to do this?

sinfulf4i August 10th 03:42 pm

Re: How to change coolant to water wetter
pull lower hose at water pump then refill radiator run bike till warm then pull lower hose again and be carefull its hot water

buellrider August 10th 08:21 pm

Re: How to change coolant to water wetter
What's a radiator... :rofl2:

egami August 10th 08:43 pm

Re: How to change coolant to water wetter
I wouldn't recommend water wetter, it's a good product and all but engine ice will do you much better.
But since both products need to be clean, here's how you do it.

Pull the hose on the bottom of the water pump that connects directly to it from the radiator.
Drain the water from the engine and the hose into a flat raised pan.
Rock the bike back and forth a little bit to get the coolant out of the heads and other areas of the block
Be careful not to get the coolant on the plastics. I recommend taking them completely off and storing them away from the bike.
Don't forget to drain out the overflow tank as well.

Once you have done this, keep in mind that your bike now essentially has an air bubble in it.

Once you are satisfied that all of the fluid that is in the bike has come out of it, let it sit for a few minutes. Smoke a cig, have a beer.. do whatever.

- Wash the ends of the hoses down with a very wet shop towel to wipe off the coolant from the exterior side of the hoses.
- Reconnect all of the hoses and clamps to their original location, and tighten down the clamps hand tight but not too tight. The hoses will stretch and contract between temperatures. Allowing the hoses to fluxuate with the heat cycles will give your hoses a longer life span.


- DO NOT USE TAP WATER. Buy 2 gallons of DISTILLED water from your favorite grocery store.
- Mix the water wetter to the appropriate mixture + 5% for desert **DISCLAIMER** (THIS MEANS LESS WATER, MORE WATERWETTER) AND AT YOUR OWN RISK
- Begin to fill the radiator with the newly mixed fluid.
- Once you have reached the top of your radiator let it sit for a few minutes.
- Go to ($BEER)

- Begin to fill the radior with the two bottles of engine ice that you purchased. (Most likely you will only use 1 and 1/4)
- GoTo $BEER

- Crack open a beer and wait a few minutes
- GoTo $BURP

-- Put the beer down.
There is a huge air pocket in your system. For one, it starts at the water pump and works it's way up into the block and the heads.
In order to "burp" this air pocket out there is essentially two ways to do it and only one is the right way.
Turn over the engine for a few minutes and let it try to suck the water through. *THIS IS BAD, MMMKAY*
Have a buddy help you do the process. Put the lid on the radiator and rock the bike to the left and to the right. Do this a couple of times.
Pop the lid to the radiator and add more fluid, RINSE and REPEAT.
Do this until you don't have to add any more fluid.

Once this has been accomplished, add fluid to the reserve/overflow to the "Cold" line on the bottle.

Now, you can do the $$WRONGWAY$$ because your water pump now has lubricant and your high compression engine will not heat the head so fast to stretch the metal before the block has a chance to heat up.

Once you have ran the bike for about 30 seconds to a minute AT IDLE and you can touch the cap of the radiator with your hand with out it being to hot you can check it to see if you need to add more fluid. Odds are, if you did the $$RIGHTWAY$$ you won't need to, but it's always a good idea to check.

Good luck.

egami August 10th 08:48 pm

Re: How to change coolant to water wetter
Replace the plastic fan that comes with the bike with an aluminium one from Muzzy.

This is one of the cheapest best mods anyone can do for their bikes, especially in the desert.

ars0n750 August 11th 08:22 am

Re: How to change coolant to water wetter
lol u a programer egami?

egami August 11th 04:15 pm

Re: How to change coolant to water wetter
Nah, but I was geeking it up that night so I figured I'd add a little g33k humor.

dannyrider August 13th 04:52 pm

Re: How to change coolant to water wetter
Seems a little bit complicated, well ill read it again and I have to figure out before 9/4, track day
thanks guys for your inputs.

SynCitizen August 13th 07:49 pm

Re: How to change coolant to water wetter
Danny just take it easy on the $BEER and that should help.

Swayala05 August 15th 08:03 am

Re: How to change coolant to water wetter
If I didn't add enough water wetter the first time can I add more now or do I have to drain the whole thing.

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