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2upFZ1 May 16th 02:50 pm

Oil and Filter info
I forgot I found these sites. This needs to be stickied (admin?)

This page has lots of great info on engine oil. The site itself has a "metric assload" of info.

This site has a great oil filter cross-reference chart. So you can find the largest filter that fits your bike.

jwd May 16th 10:11 pm

Does brand make a differenct in a oil filter? I've always just put the wally world filters on...:tard:

2upFZ1 May 17th 06:55 am

absolutely it makes a difference. Here is a site that tore apart auto filters and gave unbiased results. Should be similar to bike filters.

Lost Sheep May 17th 07:16 am

That is a shock

I always use fram I guess their quality has slipped and I have been buying a name believing it was a quality filter

I guess i will be shopping filters now

2upFZ1 May 17th 08:40 am

Bingo, I haven't bought a Fram in years because of that site.

i8acobra July 26th 10:54 am

If you're changing the oil every 2,000-3,000 miles, the brand of filter isn't going to matter much. When you run into problems is when you try to extend the change intervals. The filter starts to break down and allow larger particles to pass, the bypass valve may malfunction, etc...

I've got a truck with 450,000 miles on the original motor that gets nothing but Fram air and oil filters and Castrol GTX 20W-50 every 3K miles.

SynCitizen July 26th 11:30 am

I'll stick to quality oil and filter. The minimal amount of money between them is worth the difference to me.

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