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If gasoline engines were completely 100% efficient, how long and how far would we be able to go on a single tank of gas?

Remembering Gleno
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Still too many factors to figure in. Even if the engine were 100% efficient, you still lose MPG to drivetrain friction losses, wind drag, vehicle weight, driving habbits, etc.

Engines now are what, approx 80-85% efficient? So if the engine were 100% efficient, we would only see 15-20% increase in MPG.

Here's a real quandry I am waiting to be answered, increased torque/hp along with increased MPG.
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They just made an article a few days ago in the paper i saw, they compaired the gas mileage and efficiencies of the very first hondas and the new hondas.

The older cars were getting 54+ miles to the gallon with less efficient engines..

new ones are getting 34+


because the new cars are twice the weight of the first generation cars...
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From: Las Vegas
Because the craftmanship was higher, even if the tech wasn't. Leaded fuels may also contribute.

Older cars lasted longer too. What's up with that?
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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
The older cars had half the displacement & horsepower then as they do now, and with the move towards passenger safety, the cars are heavier once you add the safety items and crumple-zones.

Back in the day we had an 1992? Geo Metro (49hp-58lb/ft 1.0L 3cyl). Yea it got 45+MPG, but it took forever to get anywhere. Even thought it only weighed 1,600lbs.
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who needs horsepower anyways... the speed limits havent changed ever. maybe the freeway speeds to 70...eventually gunna be so much traffic horsepower would be obsolete
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True dat. Let's all trade in our bikes for Ninja 250's. Or better yet, mopeds. Who's first?
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There's never enough horsepower... and usually not enough torque.
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Engines are more efficient today but our gas is not. Todays gas is not as pure as it was ten years ago with ethanol mixed is with todays gas were not getting as of efficient combustion there for using more fuel. Good topic, kind of make me think about the time old question

"If a wood chuck could chuck wood"
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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
Chickety China...

100%, completely, efficient, engines, gasoline

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