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Originally Posted by Mr Pheer View Post
Most all garage door openers use a momentary switch. Even if you hold the button down for 5 days, its not sending out a signal unless you let go and press the switch again. Wiring it to your highbeam switch wont be an issue.
Cool...good to know. I knew they used the switch, but didn't know that it wouldn't stay on if held down. I figured since it's "hard wired" in that it would turn it on and keep it on because you're actually bypassing the switch.

Part of the instructions is to use a jumper to jump across the contacts of the switch so that it's in "always on mode". Would that make a difference of what you're talking about? With the switch being jumped, does that mean anytime power comes down the high beam light and into the remote, does that make it come on and stay on since the switch is jumped or would it react the same as what you stated?


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So... I finally got off my ass and did this over the weekend. I went the Gixxer way by using the pass switch and it was a piece of cake. Even picked up a soldering iron and learned to use it.

I probably should have taken pictures and done a writeup...
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where did you get your tutorial from?
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I completed mine yesterday as well. I hooked mine up to the horn button, since I never use it anyway. It works perfectly! It's awesome and can only be used when the key is in and on, so no accidental trips by anyone that's not allowed to use it.

Me using the horn button is the same as you guys using the passing light switch.

Arson - All you'd have to do is jumper/short the switch on the PCB with a small piece of wire (or a blob of solder in my case because mine didn't have a switch soldered into the PCB), take your battery out first though (check to see what voltage the battery is) and if your opener uses a 12V battery, then you can just solder leads to the positive and negative battery connections and use that. If you have a 3V system (as I did), I then created a regulator (from parts at Radio Shack for under $7, I think) that drops the voltage from 12V to 3V and wire that in between the wires from your remote and the wires that will go into the bike.

Once you do that, you MAKE SURE to know what is positive and what is negative (you'd be amazed at how many people hook it up backwards and fry the remote and wonder why it doesn't work!) and then you would tap it into your wires that come OUT OF the passing light switch. Make sure positive it to positive and negative to negative. Also, MAKE SURE you use the wires coming OUT FROM the switch. You don't want the hot wires going into the switch or your remote will be activated all the time.

Once you do that, you're good to go.

It's actually pretty easy when you look at it. If it's one of my days off, I could drop by and help build it for you. Just need the parts from Radio Shack and need to know which color wires come out of the switch for the passing light. That should be on your wiring diagram in your shop manual.

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Originally Posted by ars0n750 View Post
where did you get your tutorial from?
I was originally looking at this thread: Attached a garage door opener to my Pass Light : Forum : Suzuki GSX-R Forums but it was doing more than I needed to do (It powered the remote - I just wanted the switch to act as a button.)

Honestly, I just grabbed some ethernet cable and soldered one end to the pass switch and one end to the correct contacts on the remote.

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