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As posted on 702sportbikes here:

Date: Sunday, December 14, 2008
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Place: Boulder Beach Ranger Station – Lake Mead

Who is invited: All motorcyclists regardless of group/club or affiliation.

What: A Meet and Greet Open Forum with the Lake Mead Rangers

This event was proposed and put forth by Ranger Randy Lavasseur. Not only is he a Ranger at Lake Mead, but he is also the liaison to the U.S. District Court. There are several purposes to this meeting.

First, the Rangers want to open a dialogue with local motorcyclists about increasing safety, decreasing motorcycle accidents/deaths at Lake Mead, and finding safer alternatives to the typical uncontrolled “fast paced” rides that happen out at the Lake.

Second, for motorcyclists that actually show up to this meeting, Ranger Lavasseur is offering a carrot. And a nice one at that. Namely, if you have an outstanding traffic warrant from Lake Mead, he’ll work with you to get it quashed. Or, if you have a current pending traffic citation from Lake Mead, he’ll work with you to get your fine reduced. Both of these are major gifts as the local U.S. District Court tows a particularly hard line when it comes to traffic violations at the Lake.

Third, Ranger Lavasseur is willing to work with us in getting regular permits to “close off” portions of the road at Lake Mead for “motorcycle only” runs. This would allow for safer, permitted, nicely paced runs without the risk of fines. And the Rangers would turn out in force so if somebody did crash, response time is fast. In return, we take it easy when at the Lake during all other times we are out there. Ranger Lavasseur also noted they have a large asphalted Helipad that could possibly get permitted to be closed off on regular occasion. And if its large enough, perhaps we could set up some cones and do some “track style” riding. Or practice basic riding tricks.

Basically, the up shot is this; they want to work with us to reduce our uncontrolled speeding and crashing and in return we get some benefits from them (closed roads, quashed warrants, etc).

Please note if you want the benefit of getting your Lake Mead warrants quashed, or to get your current Lake Mead fines reduced, you need to do TWO THINGS; first contact Ranger Lavasseur at 702-293-8817 about your ticket info and 2) personally show up at this event

Finally, for you guys with Red Rock BLM problems, Ranger Lavasseur is planning on working with BLM Rangers from the Red Rock area to ascertain if they can extend a similar offer from their department. A Ranger from Red Rock is expected to attend this meeting as well.

This is an excellent opportunity to interact with the LE personnel who patrol one of our favorite riding areas. And if you have a current citation, well Christmas came early.

Meetup Spot: Chevron - 95 and Horizon Drive


Meetup Time: 9:45 am
Kickstands Up: 10:15 am

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From: Las Vegas[Summerlin]
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From: Green Valley

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I think I might be able to attend this one :) School will be over!!!
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From: Las Vegas/Summerlin

Motorcycle: 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa LE/2007 Suzuki GSXR600/2000 Honda CBR600F4
I'm IN as well... there is nothing better than interacting with the LE community when you're NOT getting written up. Depending on the size of the helipad, we may even be able to do some rider training events there.
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Definitely in, as long as I can ride down with someone who knows how to get there.
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This sounds awesome! No tickets, for now, thankfully..... I'm IN!!!!
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This is an awesome idea and opportunity. I hope we get a huge turnout from SCS!
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I'm IN.

The fact that they're even considering closing off parts of Red Rock to motorcycles only is awesome. Where exactly is the Boulder Beach Ranger Station? Is it that first building coming in to the lake from Boulder or is it one of the buildings off the main road that heads to the beach?

greet, lake, mead, meet, rangers

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