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Old April 23rd @ 08:49 pm   #1
April 26th.
Visit LVMS.COM for more details.

Old April 25th @ 11:48 pm   #2
im gonna be there to race for my first time. can anyone meet me up there gimme sme pointers and help me out?
Old April 25th @ 11:55 pm   #3
I'm planning to there anywhere people are planning to meet for the drive to the track.?
Old April 25th @ 11:59 pm   #4
im down to meet. r u gonna be racin or watchin?
Old April 26th @ 09:33 am   #5
I'll be just watching.
Old April 26th @ 03:26 pm   #6
Im there I want to race but we will see. I am new here and do not know alot of you. See you there

Old April 26th @ 11:01 pm   #7
let me know how it goes cause my back brake screwed up. Oh and do i smell? seems like everytime someone post something about meeting up and riding and i say something, suddenly no one wants to ride. anyone else get that??!!
Old April 27th @ 02:44 am   #8
Thin crowd tonite, but still had fun... May 5th is the next "Midnight Madness"
Old April 27th @ 12:33 pm   #9
Yeah, crowd was very thin. I expected to see more bikes. Even if you don't plan to drag, its nice to see the bikes. [img][/img]
Old April 27th @ 12:41 pm   #10
Gleno's Avatar
I just can't do the school nite thing. I try to be in bed by 10pm because 4am just comes to quik. Would've loved to run the 1K again. Time to see how close to the 9s I can come. I just can't do it during the week.

Oh well.

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