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10 July 2007

1)Sin-City Sportbikes will meet every second Tuesday, 7:00 pm at RoadRunners.

Opening Prayer

Eric - President
Nick - Vice President
Open Position - Treasurer
Leslie - Secretary
Pat - Sgt at Arms

Marcus (prospect)
Jose (prospect)
Stephen (prospect)
Howie B (prospect)
Prospect not in attendance – John750

Jerry and wife
Michael and family

4)TREASURER REPORT: We currently have $980.10 in our account. BBQ was paid for and receipt is in the cash box

1. Marcus was voted in as a member of SCS. Secretary will give patch to him and receive payment.
2.Jose – Missed adopt-a-highway due to sister’s graduation. Had some personal issues lately but now is able to commit more.
3.Howie – Has been working a lot of overtime. Missed June mtg. President explained that one more meeting missed will extend his prospecting time. He came out to the adopt-a-highway.
4. John – Missed meeting due to the physical test for Metro PD. Sponsor explained that one more missed meeting will extend his prospect time.
5. Stephen – Just got back for TX with a stunters group. MTV is looking to do reality show about stunters and are looking to him and DMan. Has missed some meetings and events due to this.
He would to involve SCS showing the life of a sportbike rider. He also might have items he can sell to us cheap from the sponsors.

1.SCS Ride 15 Jul 0900– Thread is on the board. Mandatory for members and prospects but open to the public. Gear is mandatory for members and prospects. If you have a patch, WEAR IT! Please hydrate the night before as it will be a warm ride home.
2. SCS Tech Day – 21 July @0800, Pat & Leslie’s. ONLY open to members and prospects. Special invites must be approved through one of the officers.
a. Bring you own stands, parts, oil, etc. If changing oil you must bring a container like a milk jug to put your oil in.
b. There will be a $10 donation for all attending to help with breakfast and lunch costs. All drinks will be supplied.
3. SCS BBQ – 1 Sept at Mt Charleston – Thread is on the board. Member’s please check out the thread and post up where you can help. It is a mandatory event for all prospects. Secretary has almost completed the flyer and will have them done to pass out at the Tech Day. Please cross post the thread to other boards. If you have any connections for prizes, please pm one of the officers.

1.Treasurer position is open due to Stacey moving to Cali. Arson was nominated and accepted the position. The vote was done and Arson is now our treasurer. He and the secretary will now get a checking account under SCS’s name.
2.Business cards – Right now will have simple cards made to have our web address on them. We need to get our name back out there. Some will be made to pass out at the SCS ride.
3.T-Shirts – The President contacted Swayla how would be able to get t-shirts made for SCS with the web address on them. Swayla says that the turn around would be 2 to 3 days. . Once he receives a call from his friend that he is able to make them, he will post up a thread for us to get sizes.
4.New Prospects - Michael (Vegas_Michael) – Has come to numerous SCS events and rides. Has been riding for 6 years. Now owns his first bike. Arson will be sponsor. Need to verify M endorsement
5.MSC – Pat (VegasVideo) has been holding meetings at his office.
a.Angel came up with the acronym M.A.R.S. (Motorcycle Awareness and Rider Safety).
b.Loic discussed at their meeting about a rider test in Europe that is very tough. Would be a good idea to have here.
6.July 18 is riding day, so take your bike out. Would love to see a lot on the roads.

a. Jose stated that he would like the spell checker on the board again.
b.Spam has been absolutely horrible on the web and we need to find a way to get rid of it quickly and find a way from it coming through.
c.Discussed responsive from the webmaster concerning issues. SCS would like at least a 24 turn around for questions and requests.
d.We should have at least one person from the club to do simple items on the web to help alleviate some issues.
e.Nick would like to have unread posts seen at new visit to site like the old site had.
f.Leslie doesn’t mind the games, but doesn’t want it to get out of hand like the old site. Feels there are plenty of games sites out there on the web.
g.Pat H stated that he sent the webmaster the patch to use in the design for the new logo. Still waiting to hear.
h. Eric said that maybe the best thing to do is get one list together with requests so the webmaster can work on them.

1.Sgt-At-Arms – Going to get membership list together and separate between officers to call and talk to some of the members we haven’t seen for while.
2.Secretary – Nothing additional from above
3.VP – Expressed to members to give us ideas and tell us their views on where they would like SCS to go next. Stated that one of our prospects, Jose has brought people into our club as other prospects and we need more of what he is doing.
4.President –
a.SCS walks the walk and is about positives of sportbikers.
b. A lot of people have heard of SCS but know what we are about. Some think we are about drama, and we’re not, but we are focused. We need to be our own ambassadors. We have a lot of lurkers on the board and we need to reach out to them by being on the board more.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm
Next meeting is 14 August 2007

Sin-City Sportbikes Secretary


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