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Ok guys here are the details of a quick trip to LA i'm going to make. This is not for a canyon run yet. That will be next month. This is a scouting run and trip to the coast as this will be my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean in person.

Date: Thursday 9/25
Meet-up: Chevron (Tropicana/I-15) Across from In-N-Out.
Time: 9:45am (Leaving at 10am)

This will be from Vegas to Santa Monica to Neptune's Net back to Santa Monica Pier on thursday. With a ride back on friday at 11am to Vegas by 4pm.

Route Map If the 210/134 to the 405 to the 10 isn't the easiest way through LA (hoping to go around downtown) , PLEASE let me know. Was thinking of just the 15 to the 10, but I think I'd get lost right in the middle of LA where it zigzags.

Stop 1: Baker, CA (87mi.)
Stop 2: Victorville, CA (96mi.)
Stop 3: Santa Monica (PCH), CA (105mi.)
Stop 4: Neptune's Net (30mi.) Lunch.
Stop 5: Santa Monica Pier (30mi.)

For room and board i'm just going to look for a cheap motel somewhere along the PCH. If you have been to this area before and can recommend one i'd greatly appreciate it. There's also the benefit of splitting the cost of a room if you go along.

My main two goals of this ride is to go by Neptune's Net and to see a sunset on the ocean by the pier.
Estimated costs:
Gas: $65 to $80
Food: $40 (4 meals+snacks)
Room: $70 (half that if we/or others can split it)
Total: $175 or so.

Please only post room help/suggestions, maybe's, or in's only.

Matt (BlueRider7o2)

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From: LV
So no takers yet? I have a list of motels in the area, $80 is looking like the avg. for a room w/ double occupancy. So that's only $40+ gas/food if you wanna go.

9 or 25, 9 or 26, trip

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