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lowspeeder1531 February 21st 09:42 pm

memorial ride
this is a said day for a friend that has passed on 02/20/2009. I would like to set up a ride for a friend and a motorcycle rider that has passed. the would be around the red rock overlook and then if we still would like to ride to his favrite spot. in town and that would be mount charlston lodge and his wife is going to be there to with the ride as well. the riders name is ABE Montiero he road a honda 919 that he he loved to ride every where the ride will be on march 14 2009 at the chevron across from the red rock casino and we will meet at 10:00 am and kickstand up at 11:00 am thank you from my my heart and the many lifes he has touched over the years again thank you from lowspeeder1531 / jason :wheelie::icon_thumright:ok well i have talked to his wife and the 15 of march would be a better day for all of us and i am changing the date to march 15 2009 same time as before just on the next day a sunday and i thank you all that have responded to a dear friend and great husband and stepfather thank you again and his wife thanks you all from the bottom of her heart.

ars0n750 February 22nd 01:33 pm

My condolences brotha, lets see if we can get a couple peeps to come with you!! I am down!

Spooby February 22nd 01:37 pm

Damn, sorry to hear it, what happened exactly?

I'm out for this ride as I'm attending an annual MSF Rider Coach meeting 14 & 15 Mar.

shellbell February 22nd 02:04 pm

That Sucks, Im sorry. Jeff and I are a maybe. We will let you know closer to the date.

chaos_reigns_01 February 22nd 02:37 pm

sorry for the loss of your friend... we would love to be there but since its the day and time of the adopt a highway, we wont be able to... good luck with the ride though, and get yer boy his license so he can ride too... :icon_thumright:

LilBitDvl February 22nd 03:08 pm

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.

vegasvideo February 22nd 05:39 pm

This is always such horrible news. I am so sorry to hear about his passing. As long as I am available I will be there.

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