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Well, I'm leaving Las Vegas finally. I'll be riding down to Tucson on Friday morning to do a final walk-thru on our new house. Sorry I only got to ride a couple of times with you guys, but if anyone's ever down in Tucson, I'm sure I'll still be posting so feel free to crash @ our place if you want. We've got a spare bed, or @ least a couch if anyone needs it. I'm putting this in the ride section because I was wondering if anyone wanted to ride out with me for the heck of it, or maybe part way, to the Dam or even Kingston.* I'm starting early because I have to be in Tucson @ 12 for the walk-thru, so I'm looking @ a 3-4am departure...that's early enough for all of you to make it out to the Dam and back before work!! So, I'm not expecting any takers, but there it is...DJLuxor, if you're up for it, it'll be nice and cold for you, and Vegaseric wasn't kidding about me riding any time I can. Either way, it's been fun riding with the few of you that I have, & I'll be back in town sooner or later.

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Sold your house here yet??? Need a realtor :) WINK ????
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Yeah, living with the inlaws for now...oh joy!
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Well ride safe and we'll see ya sooner hopefully than later.
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Actually...I will take your ride. Sounds like a good trip. Can you call me? 636-9251. I wasnt kidding when I said...any time!
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Originally Posted by Twitchsingley
Yeah, living with the inlaws for now...oh joy!*
What did you do wrong to deserve that? Good luck on the move, Tuscon is a cool place!
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Good luck man
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From: Las Vegas
See ya, ride safe!
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Scratch the ride...for now. Just found out that the power company in Tucson won't hook up four new houses (including ours) for some reason or other. So, the house isn't closing yet, & I'll be able to make one or two more rides before I go.
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Just remember who stepped up and was ready to make the chilling ride with you! lol. I am up for whatever, so let me know when you are going...I am down.

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