Motorcycle Rides Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Mt. Charleston, Overton, Red Rock, Sandy Valley, Valley of Fire, etc.

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From: Vegas Knights MC

Motorcycle: 2004 GSX-R 600
Post up your fav local and semi-local places to dirt, ill compile a list and stickylock it for all those interested!!! lemme know!!

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From: GV

Motorcycle: Ninja 600
at my house... brother in law has built a couple jumps in the empty acre lot next door to us that will someday soon be me and my wife's house.
All the good 'ol places are gone and that's why I haven't really ridden dirt in forever. Apex is like the closest place and it sucks now.
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Howie B
Dumont Dunes, Amargossa Dunes, Logandale Trails, Nellis Dunes aka APEX, Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Sand Hollow Sand Dunes, Stoddard Valley just to name a few. If you need specifics let me know and I'll give them to ya.
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From: GV

Motorcycle: Ninja 600
Coral Pink and Dumont are probably the best places near here IMO
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Howie B
I would agree, but I prefer Amargossa over Dumont because it's free, less people, and little to no rangers.
Originally Posted by millertimelv View Post
Coral Pink and Dumont are probably the best places near here IMO
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From: California

Motorcycle: Lots of Kawasakis
Glamis Dunes
Beamont and Banning, Ca (not legal but sooooooo worth it)
Timber Ridge, Iowa
Perris Raceway, Ca
Boulder City
Nelson Mountains
Blythe (near Aha Quin Resort)
Swain's Creek, Utah
Ocotillo Wells, Ca

that's all I can think of right now.....
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Howie B
I forgot about boulder city, how the hell could I do that. There are some great trails out there by the MX track

dirt, places

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