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From: In that old blue chair...

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Ok last week was the election for new officers. As I counted the votes there were only 13 members who voted.

Now I know we have more than 13 members in the club. What happened to the participation?

Were there any absentee ballots?

Is it getting to the point where nobody really cares?

I know I will be the first to admit I can not attend functions as often as I would like but I do put forth an effort. Pat and I were discussing this subject last night.

Anyone else??? Chime in!!!

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From: Las Vegas/Summerlin

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I just counted the list of paid members for 2009, and subtracting the members who've resigned, we have 19 members total. There were 13 members total at the meeting and there was at least one absentee ballot that I know of. I'm not sure of why only 13 votes were tallied.

This issue has been discussed at length and I'm sure most peeps care, but some need some incentive to get out and participate. Hopefully our members will step up and start getting out and contributing to this Club.
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From: Las Vegas, NV

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We were down to about 20-22 paying members around october of last year.

But we also knew of some members that more then likely would not be returning for the new year,

One issues with this is prospecting periods, we believe if we have a longer period new prospects will have a better idea if this club is for them. Then we dont have to worry about so many iffy members coming and going.

I think we are back to a stable point, we have an awesome group of core members that can and are willing to get this club back into shape. Its small, but sweet.

When we have our first club meeting for the year we will go over this, as well as many other ideas that have been brought up.

We are back to the pos we where in when the club kicked lee out. We are down to the core members that want, and will stick around. At least I think so...

Stay tuned for the next club meet announcement. It will be a totally new process that we are going to try out for our future club meetings, that in turn, may get more people to show up and also get us out and ride!

I believe there was only 1 absentee ballot, and that was Warren. I am not sure of a vote from Andrea, if there was one, it wasnt sent to me. And she also had the option of not voting for anyone if she didnt think anyone fit the job!

Other then those 2, I do not believe we have any other club members that are active/can not attend the meet. If they didnt show up/say a word, its obvious their interest in the club. If they had other plans, then we probably would have known about it. But as far as those members go who dont participate/at the voting meet. I wouldnt plan on seeing them back.

Participation is another thing on the officers lists of issues. But all these issues will be discussed in person with the rest of the club at our first meet. If you have any other thoughts or ideas, def keep them coming, or write them down so you can bring these issues up at the club meet!

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From: Las Vegas, NV

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Thread has been removed per request of the officers.

If there is any issue please contact an officer.

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From: Las Vegas[Summerlin]
Member participation...

In not so many words...
This will be one of our main focal points this year.
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From: Henderson
I know of 4 ppl that didn't vote that are part of our core group. And the other three, well I've never met one of them. The other two ?
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From: Las Vegas[Summerlin]
I think Susan voted by proxy.
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From: Las Vegas, NV

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I didn't vote. Thought I'd make the meeting but Sheila's flight was late getting into town. I didn't make the last meeting cause I had to wake up at 2AM the next day.

I don't think any of these comments are directed primarily at me, but this high strung "why the fuck didn't you...?" type of atmosphere almost make me want to say fuck it and leave it all behind. I hope the entire year isn't like this.
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From: Las Vegas, NV

Motorcycle: GSXR-750
No that is just me bitching about why we have members that arent around for 6+ months to a year with full membership access..maybe if you read it all you probably wouldnt feel that way.
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From: 92H8

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Originally Posted by ars0n750 View Post
I believe there was only 1 absentee ballot, and that was Warren. I am not sure of a vote from Andrea, if there was one, it wasnt sent to me. And she also had the option of not voting for anyone if she didnt think anyone fit the job!
i didnt get the opportunity to vote... i didnt know if they were going to do absentee votes this year because of the hoopla from last year, and i forgot to ask... either way, id say it went pretty much how id have voted it, so no worries. i texted with nic, and she knew i supported her for secretary :)

as far as participation, its still based on money available, so i swear i will when i can... i tried to come to a meeting recently, and was an hour late because i messed up the damned time change thing...

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