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Originally Posted by treadhead View Post
Allright looks like i am out numbered here if you guys want to spend the last day/night in eugene thats cool.I want everyone to have fun on this trip.

If you guys did have something planned that last night speak up, if not, lets get everyone on board!

Lets get an OK from everyone...

Do we want to leave early wed morning and head to eugene, grab some lunch with chad and susan, do some riding in eugene, spend the night, and leave thursday?

Or do we want to make chads place the ending spot for wed after we do our own riding, then wake up thursday and do whatever we want, either head straight home or do a lil riding then head home..

or if anyone has another idea..

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No drama only conversations and queries. =D
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Alright so if rob and matt are on board...

We are going to ride to eugene on wed, ride with chad, stay there, grub, leave in the morn for vegas!

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yes leave portland wednesday morning ride eugene all day stay the night then head to reno then stay in reno tell friday then home bound.
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I thought we weren't coming back until Friday.
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We are taking it slow on the way home, we are leaving thursday, go as far as we can, sleep, start again friday morning..
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From: henderson

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Im sweeping so ill follow were ever the group wants to go.Im on vacation i dont care just want to RIDE. thats all

butt, iron, oregon, trip

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