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From: las vegas

Motorcycle: 2011 ZX6R
Ok guys, before getting into the route details, a few thoughts:

#1 - Either way, we're going to have to ride at night. I figure let's get it done sooner rather than later by starting at night (around 10pm) and cruising up towards Reno on the 95. This way we're more alert and on an easy highway while riding in the dark. Meetup @ Chevron on Ann & 95 @ 9:30pm, Kickstands up @ 10pm.

#2 - Potential date that I hope works for all (and if it doesn't, let's consult as a club for alternate dates) But leaving Friday, July 27th @ 10pm works for me. Drive all night, enjoy Northern Cali & Crater Lake, OR during the day, then end in Eugene, OR on Sat 28th evening.

#3 - Sunday we can make our way to Portland, get into our hotel, and I can show you around the old stomping grounds. There's great breweries, lots to see and do. I don't know how much riding my ass can take the day after 1000 miles so Sunday can be chill if we want.

#4 - Monday thru Wed - whatever - coast rides, Mt Hood (gorgeous), etc - whatever we all agree on

#5 - Start home on Thurs Aug 2nd, stay the night in Reno, home sometime Friday Aug 3.

#6 - Tommy, can you see if your brother has hookup for Reno, Eugene, or Portland discounts? If not, we can find a hotel that works for everyone's budget no prob.

Las Vegas, NV 89110 to Eugene, OR - Google Maps (hope that link works, but if not, here's text of it)

Route: (989 total map miles - will hit 1000 with a lap around Crater Lake no problem)
5. Take the ramp onto I-515 N/​US-93 N/​US-95 N
3.8 mi
6. Continue onto US-95 N/​Veterans Memorial Hwy
75.7 mi
7. Continue onto Veterans Memorial Hwy
40.7 mi
8. Turn right onto US-95 N/​Main St/​Veterans Memorial Hwy
Continue to follow US-95 N/​Veterans Memorial Hwy
197 mi
9. Turn right onto US-95 N/​E St/​Veterans Memorial Hwy
Continue to follow US-95 N/​Veterans Memorial Hwy
71.6 mi
10. Turn left onto US-50 W/​W Williams Ave
Continue to follow US-50 W
9.1 mi
11. Continue onto US-50 Alt W/​Reno Hwy
Continue to follow US-50 Alt W
16.8 mi
12. Turn right onto State Route 343
0.9 mi
13. Turn left to merge onto I-80 W
33.2 mi
14. Take exit 15 to merge onto US-395 N/​Three Flags Hwy N toward Susanville
Entering California
80.5 mi
15. Continue onto CA-36 W
4.9 mi
16. Continue straight onto S Pine St
0.1 mi
17. Continue onto CA-36 W/​Hillcrest Rd
Continue to follow CA-36 W
5.1 mi
18. Turn right onto CA-44 W/​Feather Lake Hwy
45.9 mi
19. Turn right onto CA-89 N/​CA-89 Scenic W
Continue to follow CA-89 N
77.5 mi
20. Merge onto I-5 N via the ramp to Portland
0.8 mi

667 mi – about 11 hours 42 mins
Pioneer, CA

21. Head north on I-5 N toward Exit 738
9.7 mi
22. Take exit 747 for US-97 toward Central Weed/​Klamath Falls
0.3 mi
23. Turn right onto US-97 N/​S Weed Blvd
0.3 mi
24. Take the 3rd right onto US-97 N
50.3 mi
25. Turn right onto W 4th St
0.1 mi
26. Slight left onto S Main St
0.3 mi
27. Turn right onto US-97 N/​E 1st St
Continue to follow US-97 N
Entering Oregon
21.6 mi
28. Keep left at the fork and merge onto US-97 N/​The Dalles-California Hwy
21.2 mi
29. Turn left onto OR-62 W/​Crater Lake Hwy
13.7 mi
30. Turn right to stay on OR-62 W/​Crater Lake Hwy
16.0 mi
31. Turn right onto Munson Valley Rd
3.9 mi
32. Turn left to stay on Munson Valley Rd
2.8 mi
33. Turn left onto Rim Dr
3.7 mi

144 mi – about 2 hours 46 mins
Crater Lake National Park
(541) 594-3000

34. Head south on Rim Dr toward Munson Valley Rd
3.7 mi
35. Turn right onto Munson Valley Rd
2.8 mi
36. Turn right to stay on Munson Valley Rd
3.9 mi
37. Turn right onto OR-62 W/​Crater Lake Hwy
15.9 mi
38. Turn right onto OR-230 N/​W Diamond Lake Hwy
23.8 mi
39. Turn right onto OR-138 E/​Crater Lake North Hwy
Continue to follow OR-138 E
17.7 mi
40. Turn left onto US-97 N/​The Dalles-California Hwy
17.9 mi
41. Exit on the left onto OR-58 W toward Oakridge/​Eugene
85.9 mi
42. Merge onto I-5 N/​OR-99 N via the ramp to Eugene
4.1 mi
43. Take exit 192 for OR-99/​Franklin Blvd toward Eugene
0.4 mi
44. Continue straight
0.5 mi
45. Continue straight onto Franklin Blvd
1.1 mi
46. Continue onto E Broadway
0.4 mi
47. Take the Coburg Rd ramp on the left to I-105/​I-5/​Springfield
108 ft

178 mi – about 3 hours 24 mins
Eugene, OR




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From: Las Vegas/Summerlin, NV

Motorcycle: 2009 GSXR-1000
Ahhh shit!!!! Im down!!!! Epic....

This ride is not for a while so start making plans to take some time off of work! Also for those of you that have another boss "wife/girlfriend/w/e" Good luck!

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From: las vegas

Motorcycle: 2011 ZX6R
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From: Northwest

Motorcycle: Kawasaki Ninja 250R
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From: henderson

Motorcycle: gsxr 750 2007
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From: henderson

Motorcycle: gsxr 750 2007
got to work

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From: henderson

Motorcycle: gsxr 750 2007
yes im in and the wife will run chase truck with trailer
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From: Las Vegas[Summerlin]
Here are some pics of the one I did to Oregon with Mustang...

18 hours to get there...16 hours to get back.
Stayed about 4-5 days and rode a bunch of miles on the roads up there.
Good stuff...if you've never done it, you should.

Oregon Ride - June 2009
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From: las vegas

Motorcycle: 2011 ZX6R
Kickass freddy hope you can join us in july.
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From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: Yamaha R6
Should be IN

butt, iron, oregon, trip

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