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From: Las Vegas/Summerlin

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After much deliberation by the SCS officers, a new process for voting prospects in as members has been implemented. Although the prior prospect voting process was adequate, the new enhanced process will facilitate our long-standing rule of a unanimous vote and remain fair and dignified in regards to the prospect. The changes to prospect voting are as follows:
  • Anonymous ballots will be cast by every SCS member in attendance when voting on a prospect. The secretary will tabulate these votes and the count will be verified by a second officer.
  • The prospect voted on will be informed after the vote by the President (or the Vice President, if the President isn't available) on the outcome of the vote. This will occur no more than one week after the vote, but it will not happen at the meeting as it occurred during previous votes.
  • If there are one or more valid "NO" votes for the prospect, the prospect will be afforded the opportunity to extend the prospect period for an additional three months. This allows the prospect to remedy the situation.

In addition to the yes/no and comments area of the ballot, five critical traits will be presented to grade a prospect's performance. The grading of these traits are independent of whether or not the actual vote is yes or no; they provide a means for giving valuable feedback to the prospect. A draft of the ballot is attached, but the "Member Name" field will be deleted in the final version to preserve anonymity.

This process will be used at the next SCS meeting. Please feel free to post any questions or comments for the officers regarding this change. Thanks.

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2 words cluster fuck why complicate things the raise of hands thing works what are some of ya afraid to let x prospect know you dont think there up to par yet to be in the club or what ????? what makes this idea so great that the officers didnt ask the rest of the club if this was a good idea ???? and now you wonder why i bitch about the officers forum should be visble to members so we can keep and eye on what your doing so we dont jsut get told this is how its gonna be. how about a bit of member input on this instead of what the officers think is good
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actually being part of this decision, I can see you point Dave. I hadn't thought of it from that perspective. The main point here was to offer the prospect a bit of privacy in the end decision and to be able to still follow our original rules of the vote being unanimous.
The main reason for this is that we had previously made an error in allowing a couple prospects to become members when the vote was not unanimous. Mainly because some of us had not been up on the rules at the time of the vote.

We kinda figured for one, if we did it this way, we would be able to have that bit of time necessary to go over the rules, and by making it anonymous, some people who may not feel comfortable saying something negative about a prospect in front of the rest of the members, would be willing to point out their opposition anonymously on paper.
At the same time, this reason for a NO vote needs to be substanial. It cannot simply be... uh... cuz I just don't like the color of his bike" kinda shit, thus the reason for the criteria. listed.

Its justs a way to allow peeps a bit of privacy and not being put on the spot. Give them a little respect. I mean, how would you feel if you were a prospect walking in to the meeing where you get voted in or out... You go out into the hall, while everyone talks shit about you and then you walk back in to be faced with what? I would never wanna put myself in those shoes. I would wimp out before the vote, and as you know... I have done a ton of cool shit for this club. Just because I am a bit shy and don't wanna stand out in front of the world and be judged doesn't mean I am not worthy of being a member....

so you see, its kinda a way to make the process a little easier for all invovled and maybe to attract some who would not like to deal with the public process. peeps like me I guess. If I would have had to go thru this... I wouldn't be here right now. But that's just me....

I guess we were just trying to do what we could to improve.

But at the same time Dave, you are right.... This should have been something that we voted on. What was I thinking.... Is it too late?
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Motorcycle: 2001 ZRX1200R, 2005 Hyosung GT650S Track Bike
All I can say is....WOW!

For one, this is an issue that needed to be discussed with the general membership, not arbitrarily decided on by the officers. This is a big change in how things have been done in recent history.

This process is really, excuse the french, chicken shit. If you have something against someone you should be required to state that to the rest of the club. This privacy thing is a cop out for someone who is too big a coward to say what they feel or wants to keep someone out because of personal conflicts.

The worthiness of a prospect MUST be up for discussion and any positive or negative opinions must be discussed by the club as a club. If it is not, it allows someone to be voted down when they could actually be a valuable member. It really smells of secrecy and deception if someone gets voted down...and we don't know why!

If we don't know who has objections and what they are, how can these issues be adressed by the prospect?

I seem to remember a speech not too long ago were it was stated that the officers are no more important than the members. That the officers were there to serve the membership and not the other way around. This decision proves completely to the contrary. This is a counter productive decision that was made without the consultation of the membership.


Look for some serious OBJECTIONS from this member come the next meeting.

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Pat, you are right, just like Dave.... Problem is its like pulling teeth around here to get something like this moving in the right direction, or any direction, there are a ton of topics here that I can quote where I had asked for opnions on a topic and got none (maybe my topics don't matter ).... so...

why don't we close this for now and start up a new topic asking for input on how we should handle the process.

Keep a few things in mind...

1. Put yourself in the prospects shoes
2. Should the vote really be unanimous? If not then what 2/3? 3/4? what?
(be realisitic, not all of the member will ever agree 100%)
3. Do you believe that all issues are truely brought out at a prospect vote?

Just to keep this in the right spot. I will go ahead and lock up this thread and start a new one where we can discuss this among the entire membership.... I want some input guys... come on!

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