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Random thoughts rattling around in Glenos head...

A new year is coming...and soon. Where will YOU be tomorrow?? Me?? I'll be standing strong for a better SCS and the continued improvement of this riding club. I've got a few thoughts to toss out there. We can discuss them here and at our members meeting.

Just a few....

1. Officers: Pres, VP, Sec, Treasurer, Sgt at Arms, Ride Capt. I don't feel we need Jr ride Capt, event coordinators, PR/Marketing officers. The members can handle those places as needed.

2. Only officers that ride. This is a riding club after all. I feel that members that ride have more of a vested interest in seeing the continued success of our great club.

3. More rides, RIDES, RIDES.

4. A members only meeting once a quarter to discuss openly any issues that build and cause grief or discontent. These things harm us. These meetings would be aside from our monthly open meetings.

5. If a member asks to sit in on an officers meeting...allow it. They could add some good thoughts. To open the officers meetings to all members...No. That may as well be an open members meeting.

More thoughts soon. Must go to werk now.

Please...feel free to critique me and my thoughts. Add your own thoughts/ideas/etc.

This is OUR club, and without input...we suffer for tomorrow.

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yes yes, a new year is approaching....and from what I see in your posts this morning, a good year it will be!!
Very positive things in those posts, great thoughts, excellent ideas....moving us in the right direction.
Definately the changes , ...and overhaul this club is due for.
I have a great outlook for the "SCS of tomorrow"
And I am sure that these new ideas are going to make this club better, for everyone.
This is an awesome club. I am very proud to be a member and look forward to many MANY wonderful things from SCS in the future...
and great things from our Prez as well. Thanks for all your care and hard work you have given
and continue to give this club and its members G.

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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
Here are some things that have re-entered my thoughts of a positive-growth SCS.

1. The webmaster cannot be a member, period. If that member becomes an officer (or any position of authority), it puts too much control on the club's progression/guidance/attitude in one person's hand. We learned this lesson the hard way. The benefits far outweigh the cost.

2. All voted officers must be willing to uphold/support the things that were part of the original SCS's goals/values. Namely, fully supporting/promoting SCS's involvement in the CoC and the charity rides of the clubs in the CoC. Nothing used to bring SCS together like doing a charity ride to benefit a worthy cause (ie "warm fuzzies"). By having all the officers support will show the new SCS members/prospects what it takes to be part of SCS, and what SCS values. They in turn will pass it on for years to come.

3. The club bylaws have been overdue for adjustment/alteration. Any/all things that this club stands for, and doesn't stand for should be addressed so there is no grey area.

4. Scheduled/regular group rides. With emphasis on attendance. There are a couple of us still here that remember the times of 30+ bikes and a chase-truck on a club ride.

Anyway, that's off the top of my head.
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From: Off 95 and Durango

Motorcycle: Suzuki TLS
In following Pat's post I would like to dive into the details for a sec and have a discussion of exactly how the club will run.?
Things that need to be worked out are quorams ( whats constitutes a quoram?).
What happens if we don't have a quoram? Do the items get tabled till the next meeting or do the officers determine what is best for the club and vote at an officers meeting and let the general membership know what and how things were voted on?
How long do items get tabeled for. IF we have 2 or 3 meetings in a row with no quoram do the officers vote on it or do they go away and they have to be brought up at the next meeting with a quoram?
Can we take in new business without a quoram?
What is the percentage that needs to vote for or against a measure to pass or fail?
How to handle the voting of prospects in or out?
How to vote members out?
(What constitutes a member being voted out.)
How motions are brought up at a meeting?
What happens if an officer steps down mid term?
Should an officers meeting be opened to members, invited members only, or members asking to sit in?

I think if we dive into this for awhile and iron everything out then we can move onto other things like rides. I am not a details person, or at least a person that can deal with details for long but I feel if this gets hammered out then it will be done and we can not have to worry about gray areas (which in my mind is what causes the most frustration)

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From: NLV - Lone Mt & Clayton

Motorcycle: 2002 Yamaha FZ1
Good thoughts Snappy, and all that should be set in stone in the bylaws.
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From: Off 95 and Durango

Motorcycle: Suzuki TLS
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Excellent stuff...keep it comin' guys.
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From: Las Vegas/Summerlin

Motorcycle: 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa LE/2007 Suzuki GSXR600/2000 Honda CBR600F4
I'd like to echo the sentiments of Gleno, Jeff, and Pat with some additional comments:

SCS is a relatively young club that is going through some growing pains. Our continued success relies on the input and participation of ALL of our members. Open, respectful communication is key.

As unfortunate as it sounds, I firmly believe we are amidst yet another rift in the SCS membership. But irregardless of our differences, SCS will continue to grow. And we have an obligation to our potential members and prospects to get back to our core values.

Personally, as VP of SCS AND as a concerned member, I have a commitment keep SCS in the forefront of the Las Vegas sportbiking community. Riding, networking, and promoting brotherhood among our fellow riders is paramount to our success. This is MY pledge to SCS regardless of my position after the January elections.
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Just wanted to add an FYI....

The officers voted back in may that we would not renew our membership with the COC in January.

And yes Eric, you are correct, unfortuntately there is a rift among the membership. If you would like the details, please feel free to give me a call. Since I am no longer an officer, I do not feel it is appropriate for me to post in the officers forum.
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A simple question:

If there is a rift among the membership....should it be fed thru pm's and phone calls so it can flourish and grow, or should it be discussed openly so the causes can be discovered and it can be mended???

Seems to me a rift among members has nothing to do with the officers forum, and everything to do with the members forum. your thoughts.

Anyways...whatever it is, lets get it out there. Post it up. Lets get it solved. This club is FAR to GREAT to have underlying issues eating us from within.

scs, tomorrow

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