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Gleno's Avatar
YeeeHaaaa.....just off the phone with Peggy at 820pm. Nurse came out and said all was a sucsess, and they are closing him right now. He will be good. She is waiting to hear from the doc tovtell her the final outcome/real deal. I feel miles better now, given the area he was cutting on.

I'll talk to her again in the am. She is staying by his side tonite.

Thanx to all for your thoughts and prayers. Jerry is deff SCS.

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vegasvideo's Avatar
From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: 2001 ZRX1200R, 2005 Hyosung GT650S Track Bike
Great f'n news! Speedy recovery Jerry!
Old September 11th @ 09:15 pm   #3
GoFast's Avatar
From: North
awesome news!! goooo jerry!!!
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Old September 11th @ 09:19 pm   #5
damn thats some fast surgery we jsut left there at 445 and hes already done wow thats one hell of a surgeon
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From: Las Vegas

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Maria talk to Dr. Vanger this morning and gave her an update on Jerry.....he's doing just fine and of course he's in pain due to surgery w/c is normal....other than that he's a big boy Gleno.....tell Peggy if she has any other questions for the doctor, Maria can get a hold of him right away....kool?
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giglbear's Avatar
Glad to hear that he is doing ok, our best wishes to him and his family. Get well soon Jerry!!!
Old September 12th @ 10:46 pm   #8
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From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: 2001 ZRX1200R, 2005 Hyosung GT650S Track Bike
Any updates as to when we can pay him another visit. We need to stop by walgreens first and pickup a big bottle of "tussin!
Old September 13th @ 05:17 am   #9
Gleno's Avatar
This from Peggy last nite.

Hey Glen,
It's me, Peggy.
I spent the day at the hosp. with Jerry. He's got tubes in everything and his movement is minimal. He's still cute though, and the nurse he had today took care of him well. He'll probably be able to talk her into a sponge bath before long. He's still in the surgical ICU. He kept down the clear liquid lunch they sent in, so he was expecting to be able to eat a light dinner. He kicked me out at five and said no visitors til he gets a regular room and some drawers on! The fam and I are going to check in on him again tomorrow. I work around the corner, so I'll check on him at lunch time. He needs his rest right now. Everytime he fell asleep I asked him if he was okay.....(I think that's why he kicked me out...) That's all for now. I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for your support. Tell the guys I said thanks for coming out yesterday. He was touched.

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woohoooo!!! SOOOOOO VERY glad to hear that he's doing good. A little more rest and some panties oughta help a ton!! Hopefully by tomorrow or Thursday, we can stop by again. Of course with that big bottle of Tussin! Got to get that! That otta take care of anything the dr may have missed.


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