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I realized the 702 party was scheduled at the same time as our November SCS Event. But to have members state that they've committed to attend ANOTHER GROUP'S FUNCTION and not change their plans to support THEIR OWN FUCKING CLUB is disappointing to say the least. I could fully understand if you have another, unrelated previous engagement. But to snub your own club to attend another club's function is pretty weak. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! This isn't an "us vs. them" issue, it is a simple matter of common fucking sense. (I'd be at the 702 function as well if SCS wasn't holding an event) And attending another group's function while wearing your SCS colors and NOT attending an SCS function DOESN"T MAKE A BIT OF SENSE!


Now... that being said... am I missing something here? Please help me understand this situation. Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong?

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Nope you ain't seeing it wrong, you see it as I do.
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I agree
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where is this thread at? is it the 702 bday party? we can always resced ours..cant we?
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From: North
E: you are dead on with this one and i couldnt agree with you more. as i said in the meeting tonight when JWD brought this scheduling conflict up, our event isnt mandatory but it would be nice to have you. if you want to come, come. If you don't then don't

Arson: The post is on here somewhere. FUCK NO we arent going to reshedule our event. If we have to start checking with every club or group in town to pick dates for our events then this is a joke. We already have a hard enough time trying to appease our members which is what is really important to me.

General: As i said before Eric, you are dead on. SCS members wanted more events from us and we have given it to them. Now people complain that we have too many mandatory things. Good god people, pick!!!
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well Eric you are correct, theres no dought, but let me state something here, and that is like Nick said this is not mandatory,

2. this cart race night was just posted as unlike the 702 bday was posted some weeks ago.

3. Ive seen a few post were SCS have not given any support like the ride that just passed and only 2 members showed and 1 prospect, you should read some of my comments and I sure didnt see no real member participation there, correct me if Im wrong.

4. And we say we want things to change , like you said its not about us verses them its about people and groups getting together to ride and have fun, now my loyaltys as a club member are to SCS when we have mandatory events, but just because I prefer to go to a bigger event to sport my colors and get more people involved in our site and club events doesnt make it right for you to get bent out of shape , I would hope you would understand that.

I havent seen any one from our club attend there Monday night events except for JWD,Arron, I we have been posting these events and no one replies, isnt that what SCS is , about gatherings and the cycle community or did that change.

Please everyone you shouldnt take this the wrong way but be thankful that you have some members who are willing to hit up other events to get our name out there, so unless this becomes a mandatory event then lets all get along, there shouldnt be any hard feelings, cause if you come off with foul language and speaky negative it only leads to hurt feelings and anger.

I for one dont want to feel like people are mad at each other. Dont you think theres enough anger and negative talking in this world with out anyone in this club adding to it.
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From: Las Vegas, NV

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I equated 702s birthday to be on par with our SCS yearly picnic. I also don't know the details, but it feels like our event was planned at the same time as theirs on purpose. The notice had been up there a whole week before our official event was posted. It's even stickied. Why would we plan another event at the same time?

BTW, the way this was handled at the meeting was extremely embarrassing. We had guests from 702 attending, and we pretty much told them to go screw themselves. There are people trying to crush the little problems between 702 and SCS, but I have a feeling this is gonna set us back quite a bit.
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I have a question, how come this event was not brought up at last months meeting? I know theres some up and coming events on the calendar because Nick brought them up tonight so that gives us time to plan for it, at least thats the way it should be. And I agree with Marcus it was an embarresment to have peeps from 702 there and to have this happen, what a slap in the face. But like I said before take a look at the M3 post we had 88 poeple view it and a whopping 8 people reply and not one officer chime in, whats the deal with that ? Come on peeps something is wrong here. You dont have to be a rocket engineer to figure this out.
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i would hardly call the way i handled it embarrassing. I was put on the spot and said what i said. And i still stand by that. If you want to come to the go cart thing, come. if you don't want to come, then don't come. For you to even suggest that we, as officers, planned this to happen at the same time is absurd and insulting, especially coming from a member. When we plan our events, it is done at the officers meeting where there is no computer for me to get on there and see what else is going on with other clubs. There is no ill feelings towards 702 at all and there was no intention of planning this event on the same date. Quite frankly i would appreciate that accusations not be thrown out there without knowing the facts first. The fact of the matter is that we needed a November ride, i have been wanting to do this go cart thing for a while, December is busy as it is with our annual christmas party and next week is thanksgiving which means people will be busy with family and friends, so therefore we planned the ride for the 17th.

guys, kidding

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