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vegaseric January 22nd 02:13 pm

SCS Lake/Boulder City Ride January 22, 2011
The weather couldn't have been any better. Awesome ride... well, except for the record number of Rangers at the Lake. If you've got pics of this ride... post them up here!

The KY January 22nd 03:29 pm

Very nice!!!

nixa January 22nd 04:16 pm

Awesome ride! So glad I came out and had a chance to meet everyone :icon_biggrin:

chaos_reigns_01 January 22nd 05:27 pm

fun. is jons bike up yet? kinda suprised he isnt there too. :/

sicduc January 22nd 05:50 pm

:busted_cop:Great pic's of my bike.. lmfao

vegaseric January 22nd 05:58 pm


Originally Posted by sicduc (Post 145680)
:busted_cop:Great pic's of my bike.. lmfao

Haha... that emoticon fits you. :icon_thumright: :laughing7:

ars0n750 January 22nd 06:53 pm

Nope bike is not finished yet =( Looks like you guys had an awesome time!!

vegasvideo January 22nd 06:56 pm

The Beemer got you in trouble again Mitch. That thing is just too fast.

ars0n750 January 22nd 07:04 pm

Ill be more then happy to take it off your hands if the tickets become to much. ::drool::

Mustang January 22nd 07:11 pm

Nice pics, wish I knew about the ride :angry4:

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