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Motorcycle: YAMAHA '06 FZ6, 2000 XT 225
Day 1: Left Vegas at 0330 on the 20th of Aug. and headed off towards Death Valley Nat'l Park. This picture was taken at 0600 somewhere in the park. Even at 0600, it was very hot.

I exited on the west end and headed north up US Hwy 395 though the town of Bishop where I refueled and went into Mammoth Lakes Ca. The weather was awesome.

I then continued North and took the June Lake Loop off Hwy 395.

Then up Ca. Hwy 120 up the Tioga Pass towards Yosemite Nat'l Park.

East Entrance into Yosemite, elevation just shy of 10,000 feet. Entrance fee $5 for motorcycles

Now I know where the road called Tenaya Road here in Vegas came from.

After about 50 miles of riding, finally arrived into Yosemite Valley where I had to split traffic the last two miles, since the one way road with two lanes were clogged up with cagers stopping in both lanes, getting out of their vehicles to take pictures. Unbelievalbe, what morons. The beauty of riding a motorcycle through a Nat'l Park, it's the nuts!

Left Yosemite taking Ca. Hwy 120 to Ca Hwy 49 towards the town of Sonora. Then up to Ca. Hwy 88 through Kit Carson Ca. towards Lake Tahoe. After 16 hours on the saddle and 690 miles, Lake Tahoe N. Shore. End of Day 1!

Day 2: Left Incline Village and headed up Ca. Hwy 89 towards Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park.

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Motorcycle: YAMAHA '06 FZ6, 2000 XT 225
After a nice breakfast in the town of Quincy Ca. I arrived at Mt. Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Now if there were ever a time for a motorcyclist to ride without a helmet, it would be this stretch of the road. The scenery, the sound and smell of the fresh air and trees.

Kind of running behind schedule so I blasted out of the park and headed towards Redding Ca. Took Ca. Hwy 299 towards Eureka Ca where it had it's share of nice twisties. At Willow Creek Ca. I took Ca. Hwy 96 north through the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation. This road meandered along the Klamath River through the Trinity National Forest. No Big Foot sighting. It was a very winding road, with very little traffic. It was a tad bumpy at times. So bumpy that I was going about 70mph and hit a bump and my GPS fell of my mount and as I looked in my right mirror, I saw it hit the road and shatter into pieces. Oh well, Oregon has no sales tax, time to get a new one.

At Happy Camp, I took a seasonal road Ca. Hwy 48 into O'Brien Oregon. Saw one car. Once I got into Oregon, it turned into gravel. Looked like they were in the process of repaving the road. Once on Or. Hwy 199, I went into Cave Junction Or. From there I took the Cave Hwy Or. Hwy 46 up to the Oregon Caves National Monument. That stretch of road was just Epic! 10 miles of constant twist and turns, with no entry or exit points, great asphault, no traffic, no Leo's, and a posted speed limit of 55, which you would have a very difficult time even going 10 over. So if there were Leo's, practically impossible to get a ticket.

I stayed at the Oregon Caves Chateau for two nights. This place had no tv's, no wifi, no cell service, no A.C., nothing, nada. I checked the Park Ranger's SUV, not radar equipped! LOL. End of Day 2: 12 hour on the saddle, almost 500 miles.

I met a couple of riders from the FZ6-forum up here, and here's one of the riders. Sitting inside the 1934 coffee shop.

They make milk shake from scratch, they were awesome. Oregon Blackberry Shake for me, and chocolate shake for my buddy mark.

Day 3: We went rode back down to N. Cal into Cresent City and down through the Redwood Nat'l forrest. Literally!

Then through the Jedediah Redwood State Park. It's part of the Redwood Nat'l Park system. It's a very narrow, rough unpaved one lane road.

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Motorcycle: YAMAHA '06 FZ6, 2000 XT 225

End of day 3, light day of riding. 200 miles, and back to the Chateau but not after going up that Epic piece road. Amazing!

Day 4: Rise and shine and time to do the guided 1.5 hour cave tour where it was a chilling 45 degrees inside the caves.

Then check out and back on the saddle to hit some Epic motorcycle roads in southern Oregon. This is Galice Rd also known as the Glendale Loop. Just outside of Grants Pass Or. It's a one lane road for the most part that meanders along the Rogue River. It was amazing!

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Motorcycle: YAMAHA '06 FZ6, 2000 XT 225
reserved for more pics
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Motorcycle: YAMAHA '06 FZ6, 2000 XT 225
Once we got to the Oregon town of Riddle, we rode down to Canyonville where we took Or. Hwy 227 which looped back towards Or. Hwy 62 aslo know as the Crater Lake Hwy. Then onto Medford Or for the night. Another light day of riding, end of day 5, 200 miles.

This is my other forum friend's bike, a BMW GS650. He loves adventure riding, and he kept taking up these logging roads where it was nothing but dirt and gravel. Good for him, but kind of challenging for me. Mark is a great dirt bike rider who rides dirt more than street so he was right at home, despite being on his FZ. Even though I grew up riding dirt, I was riding the slowest, lol. But on the pavement, they both dissapeared in my mirrors.

Day 5: We all parted ways, and I headed solo up Or. Hwy 62 (Crater Lake Hwy)

Crater Lake National Park. The water is blue, just like my bike. FYI..deepest lake in the world, 2000 feet deep.

Then up to Portland to see the parents. End of Day 5: 400 miles.

Day 6: Portland
Day 7: A neighbor that I grew up with was nice enough to escort me to Central Oregon riding his BMW GS1100. He is a motorcyclist guru like myself. He is the Chairman for the safety council for Team Oregon, an organization similar to MSF. But it's a state run programed, rather than a national recognized program.

0700 Clackamas Oregon.

These Oregon riders feel right at home riding in wet weather, as it was wet, rainy and damp most of the way. We took Or Hwy 224 out of Estacada towards Detroit Lakes Or. A highway that meanders along the Clackamas River.

Afer breakfast in the town of Detroit, I headed solo through Or. Hwy 242. Another Epic Road.

Reaching towards the summit, the scenery turns to lava rocks.
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Motorcycle: YAMAHA '06 FZ6, 2000 XT 225

Three Sisters Peak Mountains in the background.

After luch in Bend Or, onto Lakeview Or, a whole lot of nothing. Refueled in Lakeview and headed into N. Cal on US. Hwy 395. After about 60 miles, I decided to head east towards the town of Gerlach Nv, home of the Burning Man Festival. Nice set of twisties, with very little traffic. Once into the town, I stopped at the only gas station where there must have been 3 dozen vehicles, cars, truck, rv's waiting to get fuel. I was told the entire town was out of power. I was only 110 miles from Sparks NV, so I left and made it on the same tank from Lakeview Or. Otherwise, I would have been screwed trying to wait for fuel behind those line of vehicles, that's if they ever got the power restored.
Nev Hwy 447

End of Day 7: 14 hour on the saddle, 640 miles. Overnight in Sparks Nv.

Day 8: Left 0830 down US Hwy 395 through Reno, Carson City, Minden Nv, Topaz Lake and then another Epic Road. I headed west up Ca. Hwy 108 up the Sonora Pass.

Probably one of the most technical roads ever to ride. I say this because the road has a 25% grade. The road is also very narrow to begin with. There are no warning signs what kind of corner lies ahead as well as what speed you should be recommended in taking. Not that I ever go around that slow, but if you see a 15mph sign, you know that there is a very sharp turn ahead. But like I said, there are no signs to warn you. So every corner is a guessing game. Plus it was not the cleanest road, as there were quite of gravel accumulated in the middle of the lane around corners.

You also have crests, so you never know what is over them. Could be a CHP, yes it was once, or just another sick corner.

After I went up, I went back down again toward Hwy 395. From there, I headed back towards Vegas via Ca. Hwy 120 where it took me around Mono Lake. I took a 2 mile gravel road down to the lakeshore. But not before having a killer burger at the Rhino in the town of Bridgeport Ca.

Near Tonopah, I hit some severe thunder and dust storms. But it was refreshing to get wet, I didn't even bother to put on my rain gear, I wanted to get drenched!

End of day 8: 11 hours on the saddle 550 miles.

Total miles ridden in 8 days, 3185. The FZ6, the Swiss Army Knife of motorcycles. It can carve the canyons, go offroad, great everyday commuter, great touring bike and someday it will become a great track bike.

I hope this will inspire many of you to take a week long road trip on your own bike, whether it's by yourself or with some friends. There are no words to describe a long motorcycle trip. You just have to go out and do it and find out how it feels. Once you do it, you will want to do it every year. And I am not talking about trailering the bike!

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Awesome view man, glad you had fun.
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Originally Posted by VEGASRIDER View Post
I had to split traffic the last two miles, since the one way road with two lanes were clogged up with cagers stopping in both lanes, getting out of their vehicles to take pictures. Unbelievalbe, what morons.
..... *counting pictures* One, two, three four....... fourty-nine, fifty, fifty-one, fifty-two, fifty-three!

Sounds like a fun trip! Glad you didn't go down again. Beautiful pictures.... but I still think Red Rock is better-er (joking)

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Awesome pictures, man I wish I could of made a trip out of vegas.

200, cal or s, miles, natl, oregon, parks3

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