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gawd89108 March 10th 02:44 am

New paint job!
In the progress of getting a paint job by my buddy Bo from BTS Tattoo's.

orionbionic March 10th 07:21 pm

that looks sick man, keep it up!!! cuz I'll be doing mine too, when I get some fairing parts that I need first.

gawd89108 March 16th 12:22 am

Here's one after the clear coat!

gawd89108 April 4th 12:42 am

Pcone16 April 4th 09:42 am

Nice Bro!

R1_Demon April 4th 10:24 am

Nice job. :)

ars0n750 April 4th 10:51 am

came out sweeet!!

Dougk35 April 4th 11:55 am

Yea, sick.

R3K April 7th 05:22 pm

I may be all alone on this one, but I think you should get the helmet painted to match the bike. With the helmet sitting on the bike, they just didn't look right together (to me), but the paint job came out awesome. Your friend has some skillz!

gawd89108 April 10th 05:54 am

I know, right! The helmet is totally opposite colors now, oops... Thanks on the props. I didn't want the bike to high maintenance of a paint job just something to cover up the stock crappy black so it isn't perfect which makes it perfect to me...!

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