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From: my moma's cooter

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3/28 (Tue) - Thunderhill Park: $250
4/29 (Sat) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump, NV): $230
4/30 (Sun) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump, NV): $230
5/13 (Sat) - Buttonwillow Raceway Park: $230
5/14 (Sun) - Buttonwillow Raceway Park: $230
5/23 (Tue) - Willow Springs (Road Course): $230
6/20 (Tue) - Thunderhill Park: $250
6/24 (Sat) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump, NV): $230
6/25 (Sun) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump, NV): $230
7/3 (Holiday Mon) - Willow Springs (Road Course): $230
8/13 (Sun) - Willow Springs (Road Course): $230
9/4 (Labor Day Mon) - Willow Springs (Road Course): $230
9/25 (Mon) - Thunderhill Park: $250
10/16 (Mon) - Thunderhill Park: $250
10/21 (Sat) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump, NV): $230
10/22 (Sun) - Spring Mountain (Pahrump, NV): $230
11/4 (Sat) - Reno-Fernley Full Course (Reno, NV): $190
11/5 (Sun) - Reno-Fernley Technical Course (Reno, NV): $190
TBD Nov/Dec - Spring Mountain (Pahrump, NV): $230
TBD Nov/Dec - Spring Mountain (Pahrump, NV): $230
TBA (late season) - Laguna Seca

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Thanks for posting our schedule. It's important that people also see that we have restructured to move into the halfway niche between the open track days and the more pricey schools, with appeal to both audiences but a pricing point closer to the track day providers in general. I wanted smaller groups, more personal attention, more track time, and nicer amenities, plus a new skills based rider certification program. Here's a bit further information on our 2006 events, now being held as Cal-Sportbike TrackXperience....

All Events are a 2-group school/open riding format (see website for details) offering more track time and restricted group sizes for maximum value.

Amenities for 2006 include a full catered buffet breakfast with Starbucks® coffee, catered buffet lunch, complimentary beverage service, and complimentary chair massage therapy. Additional services are suspension tuning and setup services, videography, tire service, and photography, and mobile dyno tuning services (see event listings for details on specific amenities at select venues). All schooling and coaching are included in the ticket price.

2006 will also see the launch of the Tracstar™ Challenge Program. Details will be released shortly on this new skills-based proprietary certification program.

Cal-Sportbike TrackXperience is owned by Tom Davlantis, Craig Grantham, Jim Hoskins, and Todd Robinson. They have been organizing successful track days since 2001 and have produced a very refined rider education program that has been well-received by the public. The company is based in Wrightwood, California, and is sponsored by Galfer Brakes, Sidi Boots, Spidi Leathers, Vortex Racing, and The Advocates Law firm.

More information is available at or by calling (800) 930-8520 extension 81. Media inquiries may be directed to Todd Robinson at
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Wow, that sounds really awesome Todd. I can't wait to get out there in 2006 so I can really experience it and not just pit-bitch
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Originally Posted by LVR6owner
Wow, that sounds really awesome Todd. I can't wait to get out there in 2006 so I can really experience it and not just pit-bitch*
That's O.K., we like you as a pit bitch

I am ready for the next track day that is for sure. I get back full bore into my exercise program tommorow!
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Motorcycle: 2001 ZRX1200R, 2005 Hyosung GT650S Track Bike
Just visited the site, the program is a great idea. This exactly what I am looking for. It would be well worth the extra bucks!
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Should be a lot of fun. Gixxergirl helped us find a great Las Vegas caterer for Spring Mountain events, and Gixxerguy got to help us beta test the XR100 paddock course training and get some publicity shots last month, and we're refining the program between now and our season start to be a further addition to the level 1 school.

We also wanted to develop a program that would recognize mature and skilled riders who can exercise precision control of a bike, and I am looking forward to launching Tracstar(tm) with the full support of our friends in the media who have really recognized the potential of a new type of training program.

We should have our suspension team out at all southern region events, and the mobile dyno tuning guys think they can make most of our dates too, among other services. :)

I look forward you seeing many of you in 06.
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Motorcycle: 2001 ZRX1200R, 2005 Hyosung GT650S Track Bike
Are there any SCS discounts? A discount code maybe.
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Originally Posted by vegasvideo
Are there any SCS discounts? A discount code maybe.
Paul Harnum organized a group discount for his people, but there is no other applicable discount for the 10/21-22 event.
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What is all the gear required by most of thease tracks in order to run them?
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Originally Posted by Syrup
What is all the gear required by most of thease tracks in order to run them?
this is what I found on the Cal-Sportbike TrackXperience website:


1) BSI, DOT, or SNELL full-face helmet with face shield. Swing-up chin-bar helmets are ONLY allowed in the Level 1 school, and any of these helmets that don't lock firmly (i.e. ROOF and others) will not be allowed period. You are risking your own head by riding with a damaged helmet, but any damage more than scuffs or scrapes will NOT pass tech since we care about your safety even if you may want to risk riding with a severely dinged-up lid!
2) Leather, Lorica, or similar material motorcycle riding boots that fully cover the top of the ankle and MUST overlap your suit's pant leg. No external laces allowed.
3) Undamaged gauntlet style gloves with full wrist coverage (must overlap sleeve of suit). And for your own protection, don't come to a track day wearing some cheapo paper-thin gloves. You want your hands to be protected WELL, right?
4) One or two piece protective suit. Two piece suits must zip together fully (90%) if worn in Level least a standard "back zipper" is required for Level 1 riders. Ballistic nylon suits such as Joe Rocket, AeroStitch etc. are acceptable (Level 1 only) provided they have reinforced and padded shoulders, elbows, hips, and knee areas.
5) Level 2 riders MUST WEAR A BACK PROTECTOR. Back pads sewn into suits are not enough.
6) You must be 18 years old.
7) NO sparking knee sliders allowed. At ANY venue.

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