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The next time Fastrack is in town, Aug 13-14, I have arranged a special suprise for all you newbie Track Riders!!

If you have never been on a track and would like to have a little taste of what it might be like this is definately for you. During one of these two days, Fastrack will run one session, requiring only jeans, jacket, helmet, etc, basically, basic riding gear. You will be led around the track with an instructor in front and one in back of the pack. You will be doing two easy laps around the LVMS Infield Course. The pace of this session will be slow, with NO passing. This is for all riders who want to try it out a little, and maybe don't have leathers, or are skeptical about plunking down money for something that they are unsure about.

If you are an experienced Track Rider and would like to do this as well, maybe helping a friend out to gain some confidence or what not, you will also be permitted to pe a part of this session. However, I ask that you remember this will be a slow, easy session, with most likely quite a few take it easy!

I do also need you guys to let me know by August 5th who will be coming out. Because this is a newbie thing, the amount of riders allowed to ride in this session will be limited. So please let me know asap before the slots fill in. This invitation is open to anyone, SCS, their friends, other club, etc.

Please feel free to post here the names, or PM or even call me 358-2436 if you would like to join in this session.

Thanks again for all that stopped by this weekend, it was a pleasure to meet you guys. Angel, Chad, Willie and Roger, thanks for coming out today!!!

So the list is:
1st Session

1. Robert Guanzon
2. Joyce Valentine
3. Eric Valentine
4. Richard Trousdale
5. Mark Tansey
6. Chad (2up) w/ Paige
7. Patrick Harris
8. Leslie
9. Greg
10. Pat Hollinsworth (2up) w/daughter

2nd Session
11. Larry Enneman
11. Joe Kachinski
12. Angel Hernendez
13. Pat Hollinsworth (2up) w/wife
14. Rosiland Branch from SIN group
15. Chris Luna
16. James Huang
17. Angelina Greenwood
18. Derek Keyes
19. Olympia Keyes

So I talked the boys at Fastrack into doing 2, 2 lap sessions, I have 1 spot left!!!

Thank you!!!

Thought I should repost this here...
This will probably be taking place rather early in the day, not lunchtime as previously Chad can still make it to the wedding!

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From: cottage grove
This will probably be taking place rather early in the day, not lunchtime as previously Chad can still make it to the wedding
I feel so special. So go ahead and put me down for the first two laps. I"ll be doing two-up with my wife Paige. Thanks Kim.
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Miss Kim
If you could please add Derrick Keys and Olympia Keys to the List if there is still room. If you need their number, pleasee PM me.

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are they riding 2up? or each on their own? and if you could pm me with their numbers that would be great, I think I still need your too.
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anyone else interested? everyone on the list?
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From: Deltona, Fl
I'll take that last spot if avail.
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pm me your full name and phone number and i'll add you on
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My Spot became open. Have fun you guys.
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So here is the agenda for Saturday the 13th for the parade laps!!!

7:30, anyone who is doing the parade laps must be at the track, ready to ride by this time
7:30-7:45 brief orientation
7:45-8:00am PARADE LAPS!!!

Please let me know if anyone has any questions, thank you!

P.S. REMEMBER, this is at the Infield Course, not the one we have been doing recently, that is the Classic course
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I wanted to confirm this weekend with you.


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