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From: my moma's cooter

Motorcycle: your mom
WOW is all I can say. MMP is TOP notch It was by far the best track I have been on, very smooth (couldnt tell if my knee was down) No bumps and MotoGP spec paint on the rumble strips so there was never a worry riding on it. Saturday was test day and we where supposed to get 4 30 minute test sessions but we ending up getting 6 . I spent the day finding my lines, refrence points and braking markers. There was two spots on t he track I was having a hard time on T6 and T7. T6 is a dubble apex and your going down hill so your speed is a little higher. T7 is a shikain (cant spell is) you and heading up a hill into T7 so you can see the turn so I had to look for a refrence point aim for it them make my turn. If you went in to early you would end up in the dirt. Dy mid day Saturday I got really good through T7 and had a great drive coming out of T7.
Sunday race day. We got up to see clouds and lots of them. By the time we got to the track it was starting to rain, we had our drivers meeting then our one pratics session for 20 minutes. Just before our pratic it stoped raining I look it real easy again going over my refrence points and braking markers.
Race number 1. I was gridded 2 row in the #6 position I was pumped and ready to go. We had 24 riders in my group so my main thought was get a good start and get out of there so no one hit me The flag waves and I'm off like a bat out a hell and move into 3rd going into T1 I am behind Mike ( one of the guys I was pitted with over the weeked) He is riding a 2002 R6 SuperStock legal bike. He passes the leader and do I going into T2 next thing I know three riders come by use in T3 ( I am like WTF ) I keep my pace and stay on Mikes heals the whole race never getting a good shot to pass. I finish 5th 1.50.89 lap time

Race 2. again row 2 6th position. Flag drops and I'm off, not as good as race 1, I go into T1 three wide ( me in the middle m) talk about a pucker facter a guy on a Duc 749 passes me on the inside and now I am in 9th ( fack I say in my best Rossi voice) I turn on the heat and get around the duc coming out of T7 . I now can see two other riders ahead of me so I'm thinking I need to catch up to them, so I keep it pinned until I get up to them now we are entering T1 I close the gap to the point I am on their azz. We4 start heading into T2 ( high speed sweeper ) I pin it and make it around them on the out side and now I am in 6th I start to make my way up to another rider, I'm thinking cool there is 5th position. I make my way pass him going into T6. Now I am in 5th Me thinks this is awesome but I never saw Mike get ahead of me I am now one my last lap (8 total) I am heading into T2 and miss a gear (fack I say again) then again in T12 I miss a gear. All of a sudden hear is Mike passing me with two turns left in the race. I'm thinking I cant let Mike get to far ahead so I pure it on going hot into T13 I am on him like a cheap date where now heading into T14 ( last turn into the strait) I make a move to the inside and pin itpulling past him by half a bike. I am tucked as much as I could get hitting my shift points then I start to see something blue coming up next to me Yup it was Mike. We go through the finish line side by side but he got me by a wheel so I settled for 6th 1.49.20 lap time.

Race 3. I didnt know we where goiung to race with the 1000's as one race so I got a really bad start ( dead last ) but long story short finished in 12th out of 20 some riders. 1.49.29 lap time.

All in all I got TWO FULL days of track riding on one of the best track in the US for $165 I say I got my moneys worth

please for give my spelling as I am tired, ah what the hell you all now I cant spell

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Pardon me while I wipe the jizz offa the monitor/keyboard.

Doood......that is the most awesome thing I've read inna long time. I was dippin with you in every turn. Great write bro. It's phenom that you're taking your talent a level further. Can't wait to be there with you. Fucking awesome.

Where da pics is???
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From: Pax River, Maryland

Motorcycle: F-35
Originally Posted by Gleno

Pardon me while I wipe the jizz offa the monitor/keyboard.

Doood......that is the most awesome thing I've read inna long time. I was dippin with you in every turn. Great write bro. It's phenom that you're taking your talent a level further. Can't wait to be there with you. Fucking awesome.

Where da pics is???
Awesome write-up man Ditto with the pics!
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From: Las Vegas/Summerlin

Motorcycle: 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa LE/2007 Suzuki GSXR600/2000 Honda CBR600F4
Man, sounds like you had a great time. Post up some pics when you get a chance.
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From: Tatooine

Motorcycle: a jet
awesome dude... sounds like we need to get a bike cam on your machine if you keep going to the races
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Motorcycle: 06 CBR1000RR
Nice job man.... Crap guess i won't be taking advantage of your o'l lady.....
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From: my moma's cooter

Motorcycle: your mom
Oh just to let you all know. the $165 paid for 6 30 minute test sessions on Saturday one 20 minute test session on Sunday and 4 races ( I skipped one) and a lap timer. All this for $165, you cant beat it By the way the top guys (expert) of the weekend where running 1.43's and the top 4 in my class ranged from 1.44's to 1.47's

P.S you want pics look who your asking have I ever posted a pic. I suck at the internet
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From: The Devil's Playground

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Sounds like it all went perfect for you, Josh. Great to hear the news man!

Just think you're only 2 seconds off the 4th place guy...that's not that bad bro...not for you. You'll find those 2 seconds no problem next time...especially if you're on a familiar track.

Great job!
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Good stuff Josh
This is just the start...I am sure bigger and better things are yet to come.
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From: SoCal
great race report mang

that track looks the bizness

mmp, race, weekend

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