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Got lots to tell and not enough time right now to post it up. It is a very fast and very fun track to ride on. There is no photographer there so no good pics at all. Angie took a few from the GP area but you can't really get a good shot of someone coming down the front stretch. And to post some bragging rights, my knee kissed the track coming through Diablo I'll post up my experience there and some pics when I get settled in here and have some time.

Thanks to Josh for listening to my druken tales the other night

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Any time
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Damn I love that track. I can't WAIT to go back! Was it as good as we hyped it up to be? Even the pits are luxurious, compared to here at least.
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Motorcycle: F-35
Gots a little more time to tell about my time at Miller. There is no way to describe the track. Here's my experience tho. I rolled in the day before and cruised in to get a good look-over of the facility and was completely mesmerized. Way beyond what you see on the website and what you may have seen on TV. This place is huge and everything down to the pits and paddock area are top notch. I was ready to get on the track. I hardly slept that night and got up bright and early to be there first thing. Me and Angie stayed at the Tooele Inn right on Main street which was a hearty 15 minute drive to the main gate at Miller. I highly recommend staying there.

Rolled in right at 7 and started setting up my little area in the paddock area. If there were a few of us there I would opted for the garages. Roll the door up and you are in the cold pit area. And each one had a bathroom and if you've been around me for more than 15 minutes you know that is a good thing. Got the rider's meeting and learned that we are not going to do the 3 mile outside loop I signed up for. Bummer Cascadetracktime worked it to where we got the full 4.5 mile/24 turn full course Now we are all getting our money's worth. I won't bore you with too many details of me riding but let me say that you can get lost on that full course. The first day it is better to follow than lead and just work on your braking points, lines and learning the layout. I more than once got bit by the "attitudes", took an off road excursion and saved it. Like I said before the first day is where I felt the sweet kiss of knee puck to tarmac accelerating through Diablo. And like I have heard a hundred times before, it scared the shit out of me. It was nothing glamorous and all I have is a little marring on my left puck but after screaming "holy shit" into my helmet, pinching off a little bit of Jim's family cooking, and settling back onto the bike I was ready to rail some more. Of course my second supercross adventure killed me mentally for the first day and I packed it in around 2 on my first day.

Second day---good nights sleep, got a little bit of rub and tug the night before, mentally prepared for the track and rolled out. Wait!!!!!!!!! Fuck is that rain????? Yes it was and it was nasty. But it went through quick and the track dried even quicker. Rider's meeting and here's what was said. "Open track, come and go as you please, be safe and have fun" Was a little anixious after my couple mulligans the day before but all went away as soon as I started accelerating out of the hot pit, past the cones, down the front, braking, and taking that very nice, banked lazy left hander and just going waiting till the tires warmed up. You come out of turn one and line yourself up into a nice right turn 2, hit it jsut right and --- Wait I can't give it all away. Whoever hasn't been there has to experience it first hand. Let me just say that after the attitudes, turn 24 the nice banked left hander onto the front stretch will hurt but a good drive out of that corner makes it that much sweeter

Some advice---after the first day I found that you will be sore. Very sore. I found that if you rub IcyHot on your sore spots about 10 minutes before going out you won't feel the pain as much. I could do 2 laps before pitting but after rubbing that on my legs and cornhole I could do a good 4 and then pit for a bit.

Once last thing I would like to bring up here. I got my knee down and feel good about that but me and Angie have a theory. A 6'5" Lurch motherfucker is going to have an easier time doing that than a 5"7" oompaloompa. Comments from the peanut gallery???

And since there wasn't any photog I will post the pics from miller I found interesting
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03-04 Oct ---Miller Motorsports Park-100_0958.jpg   03-04 Oct ---Miller Motorsports Park-100_0966.jpg   03-04 Oct ---Miller Motorsports Park-100_0971.jpg  

03-04 Oct ---Miller Motorsports Park-100_0972.jpg   03-04 Oct ---Miller Motorsports Park-100_0974.jpg  
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Nice to see they have more stuff in the museum. Everytime I been there it has been a ghost town inside.
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That was some pretty good reading. Sounds like quite the experience.
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Originally Posted by LVR6owner
Nice to see they have more stuff in the museum. Everytime I been there it has been a ghost town inside.
All of that stuff is some of Larry's personal collection. Ihave seen all of it, out back in the team garages. I must say, it is un-believable!!
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Good read Matt. Hey Kory are you coming down to Vegas for the WERA race Nov 11/12

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