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Okay, so like, my boy is in Florida. I guess he's doing the old Brembo at the race track thing.

Here's an update - He is a lucky shit !!!!!!!!!!!! I'm left in the dust while he is rubbing sholders with the Jordan Team this weekend. I really need some time off to travel with the guy. AND YOU CALL THIS WORK !!! Only he would have the luck ! Anyways, I thought I'd post up in his section before he gets home and beats me ! I know I'm gonna get when he finds this. That is the glory of it all ! Seeeeee Yaaaaa !!


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From: Off 95 and Durango

Motorcycle: Suzuki TLS
Very Cool. I hope that we will be able to see pics.

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From: N. Las Vegas

Motorcycle: On the back of my Baby's
Lucky B*&^$!@$&. You need to take some time off Jess and rub shoulders too. Can't let him have all the fun.
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From: Las Vegas/Summerlin

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I hate Josh.

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From: my moma's cooter

Motorcycle: your mom
Well I am home What a looonnngggggg week. Sorry I do not have any pics as I didnt bring my camara . I got to say it was a lot of fun. There where over 500,000 bikers in Daytona for the week Talk about lack of sleep. I can still hear the Harley riders reving their bike up at 2:00 am There was a big showing of sport bikes as well, mostly all of them lowered and stretched (its all about the bling in FL) Believe it or not I accualy had to work so I didnt do a lot of site seeing. That's all for now as I got up at 1:45 am pac time today and am ready for bed.
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From: Las Vegas

Motorcycle: 2007 GSXR 1000 Yebbow/Silver
you make me sick but i can be stored in most over head comparments if you need help with your work
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From: Deltona, Fl
I have def noticed the lack of real sportbike riders here. I get odd looks when I roll up on my Busa with no Fatty on the rear and stock height/length.. Sorry I did not get to come out and hang Josh. Glad you got to see what the Bike Week is all aboot.

boy, florida

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