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Mustang March 14th 02:56 pm

For your spank bank
Enjoy my fello men!

Wooty - YouTube

JetMech March 14th 04:25 pm

God bless America!!!!!

Green_Dragon March 14th 07:38 pm

my oh my oh my!

tomy March 14th 07:40 pm

shes all sweety and shiny i like it

Pcone16 June 16th 11:40 pm

lol! Ok white girl!

dirty650rat June 17th 06:06 am

That's talent!!!! I want to press my face in that ass

Dougk35 June 17th 06:19 am


Originally Posted by dirty650rat (Post 168433)
that's talent!!!! I want to press my face in that ass


R3K June 18th 08:05 am

As a trained professional, I can tell you that all that sexy dancing is "free style" because they're not always as sexy when you run some meat up in 'em! I've been disappointed on more than one occasion, but I'd still cave 'ol gir's back in! By the way, her name is Melody Jai and there's a reason she doesn't show much of her face!!! :new_shocked:

dirty650rat June 18th 10:14 am

Is this her???!!!??

R3K June 18th 01:59 pm


Originally Posted by dirty650rat (Post 168484)

That chick looks a little more top heavy so I don't think so, but she looks similar in the face. Just do a Google search on her. She's not bad, but not fine either, she's just got a great body. She's a Butter Face!

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